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@Twinkel13: You're not xD
I lol'd. Shirtless yet wearing a scarf.
*goes back to previous pages. Everybody NONONO DUN CUT YOUR HAIR I'LL HATE IT*
*looks at this page and how everybody praises his new hair*
January 4th, 2012
Just one page to go to catch up with the website's updates! Yay!
Oh... well, we were totally not seing that coming.
Well, I guess it happens with comics based on rps... it was nice whilst it lasted.
Thank you very much for this chapter, doubleleaf. Leo is forever my favourite AC character.
It'll take it as a Xmas present and be eternally thankful for it.
But Leonardo IS a very friendly, caring and kind man!
Despite Ezio being male, I think he's just that friendly and would've treated him the same if he were to be female *nod*
Shaun just jelly.
K-A-E reprint?! REALLY?! 8DDD

You make me so happy ;A;
Really, I love yout for this ;A;
I love Nico's long and light cowlashes, and it's so nice to see those eyes of his with some colour!
Fastpuck, I have a confession to make... (engrish lol?)
Ever since I watched Iron Man again, I can't help thinking about Ken as Tony Stark and Pepper as Pepper Potts...
I wonder if he's really that naive, or he does know what effect he has on Cam and does it to tease him...?
Cutting your hair dun make you an adult.
Unless the hair you cut is after glued to your balls.
I love Cam's face in the last panel!
One hell of an awesome mom 8D
December 6th, 2011
Beetle, 'cause his helmet makes me think of some type of athropod.
Man sex? Oh,my, what a modern father.
In those times, I believed they prefer to call it 'sodomy'
A wild daddy appeared.
Draco&Alain used 'Fanservice'.
Wild Daddy used 'Return to Plot.'

The attack was super effective.
Oh, that old man :I
He won't do it, right?
Edit: Can you hear that? Yes? it's the joy of hundreds of fujoshis. Thank you for such a lovely vote incentive, BlankD
I really hope he is HANDING that to Raz and not planning to stab him with it D:
Because, as much of a... heck, I dun even have an acceptable adjetive for him. Well, anyway; as much of a bad bad bad boy that he is, Raz's still my fav character! D:

@SRQ *ba dum tss* Touché at the wordplay.
MAGS, BAD BOY D< Fangirls have been craving for some action with you two, don't interrupt it!