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August 2nd, 2013
I love mikhails face in the last panel
May 13th, 2013
@WarriorNun your comment made my day
@unlogicalexplanation: i was thinking the same thing
yay your out off school! dont know why im saying yay. cuz school is fun. exept the stress part. so congrates on no stress. and mika was leaving right? i see the bag in his hand
i was thinking mamoru was the sixth person too then thought it was helios then i thought it was rini/chibi usa. and i also thought i was a three lights/starlights consert when she said tickits at the top of the 4th panal until she said 13th hour at the bottom of panal four.i can totaly hear serina saying that last panel in that high voice she has
he looks like he's dancing
if what tricorn said is true then if rell and dark link(who is totly cute in thatlast panal)kiss or any thing more she would tecnacly be doing that stuff to her grandpa right? or did i think to much into it?
that was totaly WICKED!
would you please answer a qustion i asked on page 106 part 3. you dont have to if you dont want to but i would like to know if i guessed right a bout the Chaos thing. i like your comic and thank you for making it.byebye
as in the chaos that got madam/Sailor Galaxia took in side her body during the holy wars. that Chaos?
i like noel's foot placement in the first panal. the foot closest to conner
that one guys sleeve is missing. the guy with noel
did conner just try to knee noel in the crotch?
im slow
what type of friction is he talking about?
ilove your comic. and when i relized who those four were i screamed in my head with dilight. i love how you drew them.i feel bad for Mamoru because if they end up living with him he could wake up in the morning with a tiger in his bed.
are those positive and negative symbols on their chests?
September 28th, 2010
i thought he did tell him he wanted an experimant?