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I vote for Unbroken Contract =3
Is that a Troll 2 reference I spy? xD
Bad Guy?
Honestly, I don't think the teacher is that bad of a guy. I mean, he was married to this woman for some number of years, I'd assume. I bet he was really confused when he fell for Alex.

I mean, no, it wasn't a nice or good thing for him to keep quiet about his wife to Alex but what was he to do? After getting a divorce things probably became a lot clearer to him. Poor guy... if things go the way I think they're gonna go he'll lose Alex as well.

At least, this is the way I'm seeing it xD
January 29th, 2011
Gosh, I love his hat xDD
LOL I love Dragon Age, Morrigan and Alistair always crack me up xD
October 24th, 2010
Haha, this seems really cute so far! I can't wait for an update *w*
October 24th, 2010
Username: I_Am_God
What I Want: My Ciel~
Favourite Colour: Red
Digital or Traditional? Either, or… whichever you’d prefer =3
Incase it’s hard to tell on the references I’ve provided his eyes are light grey.
D8 What kind of matches are you using? Mine don't keep me warm for more than ten seconds... if that ;~;