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I'm a college student who plays way too much Pokemon, and who draws way too much with the little time she has between classes.
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    Rori Z
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I ship it.
Oh my gosh this is still alive Q.Q! THANK THE SPAGHETTI MONSTER IN THE SKY!
What server~? Tarnished Coast by any chance? : D

Seriously.. :< I want him to take it all off
December 22nd, 2012
December 22nd, 2012
...All three of my questions got answered. Sweetness.

Extra Bonus Surprise Question: This isn't a question, but a request! Dance the flamingo~! (Costumes optional)

(But I'm fairly sure they'll be worn anyway)


I really like your comic~ It's so unique and simple. It's also a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I imagine your characters realistically in my head<3 The urge to draw fan art is honestly growing.


The thing that really attracts me is the hair. They all have amazing hair. I would sex the hair if I could.
Question: One dildo or two?

Real Question: How do you keep your hair so fluffy and soft?

Extreme Question: What ages did the lot of ya'll lose your v-cards~?
November 2nd, 2012

Shuno is wonderful~
@repsychus: It's not D: I'm just using archetypes of the popular yaoi for reference to my Yaoi Bible entries ;_; Sorry~ Also, my icon are frozen chocolate covered bananas D:! They're delicious so I put them there then everyone started commenting on what they looked like </3

A reading from the holy book of Yaoi:

Palms in Anus [15/5/8/299]
"An' Den He Wus Ded."

And thus the young uke wept tears of sorrow at the loss of all the dirty butt penetration time he was sure to have had with the Rusvarian soldier should he have lived. Of course, it would have been forced at first, then turned into gentle sweet love making that would cause the echoes of fan girls to shriek all throughout the world of both this comic and our own.

Salvation to Seme.
Praise to Uke.
Protection from Fangirls.
August 16th, 2012
Our friend curly top is a little dense for a mage~

If it looks like a Rusvarian, acts lik a Rusvarian, quacks like a Rusvarian and swipes knifes at you like a Rusvarian... It's a Duck- I mean Rusvarian 8D
Hey ._. Daeva-kun.... Would you happen to play Aion?

<3 the Comic btw
I read it as "Pony action" and... it still made sense 8D

Ride 'em cowboy!
Hot dog! First comment!
I'm a transgender also, and I've only had one boyfriend too. I was too afraid to tell him I wasn't exactly a girl (I'm girl to boy), so I had to act girly around him because I really loved him. Eventually, he suspected something and we began to drift apart because he was worried I didn't like him. We broke up after a year, and I still miss him terribly. I can't give much advise, but I can say, that just be honest with people, if they don't like you for you, they aren't worth the trouble. Also, I will say with firm resolution that I would gladly date you any day!
No lesson learned and back to his old ways? x3
@leaglem: Huuuuuh!!!!! Gasp!!!! I did! Sorry, my brain is fried out with stress at the moment.
W-Wait... I suggested this!? When?! I mean, it sounds familiar, but....