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Hey! I'm just some guy who knows a bunch of peeps! Don't mind me!
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August 13th, 2015
How in the world did I predict something like this would happen? Is it me or do I hear the faint squeal of shippers? Must be the wind.
I miss this Comic <:)
HOLY NOSTALGIA TRIP BATMAN, I REMEMBER THIS COMIC! It was the first comic I was introduced to as well....I found it rather boring at he time (glad I did too).
INSTAFA- *Brick-wall'd*
Wait...I've seen some if these sprites in the megaman 7 de-make, I knew I wasn't crazy....dies this mean what I think it means?
It seems the situation is quite nigh, how will Mega and Bass pull themselves out of this one?
And thus, the Q & A curse was lifted.
You don't know the half of it Bass...
I guess Timeless Jokes aren't on Bass's Forte~!
This comic is just ~fabulous~
Kinky ._.
holy crap its Panty .w.
i'd die a happy man If I could see my friends with me as we all run in fear =w=

@Saborman25: ._. holy crap your right...
I swear Lemon was Thinking about Mokoru....oh and sorry for the writers block, I pormies I will update....soon
I like it but, why purple hair?
A Very.
Clever Joke.