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im insane
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Enno's elf ears bring me joy. I have one elf ear so it makes me happy to see a character have them.

I'm not sure why I only have one elf ear, genetics are weird.
@Torakodragon: Oh good. The glitch was driving me up a wall.

Also, I love this comic. Been reading it for a long time.
I really want an Alfred.
April 15th, 2019
@Seve: I can't wait.
That OT money will be nice, I'm sure.

I really am excited to see how this plays out.
April 15th, 2019
*Waits impatiently for friday. Friday zooms by.*

I hope everything's okay with you. I adore this comic and like any fan I want updates but your health and life is more important so I hope your okay. :)

Also, this comic is great and I hardcore want to see where this goes.
This is my favorite of your comics. I just love it so much.
I'm trans and I've only come out to my husband and a couple friends and I'm not sure if I want anybody to know. I'm just not sure of myself. I mean, I stick out enough and I get called sir alot cause I sport a short do, I just get so worried that everyone I care about will just start hating me if I tell them. I didn't tell my husband til after we had been together 4 years, he already knew though cause he figured it out. I mean, I don't really care if they call me he or not but I just don't like keeping secrets. I'm not planning on getting a sex change so I could technically go without telling anybody else for the rest of my life. I don't even know what point I was trying to make. I just need to get it out.
You should totally pair hisawa and kenjiro. Itd be soooo cute. *fangirl squee*
I am lazy so I only get my haircut like once a year and after that year my hair is shoulder length but I love my hair short so everytime I get my haircut I get told I look like a boy by the people who see me often and told that my haircut's awesome and get hit on by random strangers so yeah, ignore the haters!
But he's so cute, you should definitely pair him with somebody.
When I saw the hiatus post, I started saying no continuously out loud for like two minutes. Please come back soon. :D
I work at walmart overnight so the store's pretty quiet, you can hear them on the other side of the freaking store.
September 13th, 2013
he's slimy cause he has a pedo' 'stache, dont cha know how this works
September 13th, 2013
I love this comic, I need you to update, its like crack, I NEED IT!
Definitely teasing, I hate when people call me the wrong name or mispronounce it. It also doesn't help that I have 3 sisters and all our names start with a N.
Technically, hatred of incest is completely cultural and since this is an obviously different culture you, the writer/artist have every right to determine what's right and wrong in this world. Plus, they're totally cute together. :)
Damnit, I love this comic so much and I just want the entire comic completed instantaneously so I can know what happens.
I'd like to think Gavin's as "black and white", meaning he has no gray areas and therefore cannot understand why there have to be gray areas, I'm similar in that aspect. Like, I'm a bi female who has a male gender role but prefer to be female in physical gender. That's who I am, no more no less. No confusion involved. I'm straight forward and simple. I'd like to think that's what it means anyways.

And I'm totally wrong, it means hetero. I like mine better. :(
I love Blood, his personality totally reminds me of mine. He's so cute he makes me wanna hug him.
When she was in 3rd grade, one my sisters liked 23 guys. I think it was every boy in her class and like two other classes. I did show any attraction to anyone (besides anime characters, cause apparently they don't count) til I was 12.