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Oh Steve.. Bobby will come over there and kick your butt if it was...
Death with a smile~!
*Blushes too*

I love Shira-tan so much!
Wow~ Shira-sama looks so cute here. And Haru is so adorable and I don't want you to go *cries* I love this comic so much.
I had to re-read it [like 5 minutes ago. no joke.], i almost forgot about it. But now I remember everything and I missed you~
More please~ And soon...
I am excited that they finally kissed. It took them forever!
I love this page ^_^ Haru is so gonna freak out.
Pick someone? I agree with TheWhiteKnight.
It would be adorable if he said "you", then like jumped him... or something of the like. x3
The face in the last panel... I congratulate you on the faces. They are cute and funny. X3
wow embarrassed Haru is so much more cuter than happy-ish Haru. Even Shira thinks so ^_^
awww, poor Haru. I feel sorry for him, only a little; but still.
I have to admit I was not expecting this. This isn't fanservice?! What is fanservice to you then?

Oh well... *stares at picture all day and night, waiting for it move* It's not going to is it? :(
apologies at the same time [damn spelling] cute O//O
hehehehe i dont mind if its 'boring'...

awww so cute, kissing page next? i am awaiting
I have noticed something though. When something enters/cuts/embeds itself in your leg/arm etc, it hurts more when it actually leaves the wound.

Great page though! :)
Haru! *huggles*
and Shira blushed and I dont know what to do
*runs around screaming* he looks so cute!
there better be kissing in the next update - no pressure or anything :P
no no no no no no no no
u kill him or injure him i i i'll cry ;_;
i love Haru's mummy! <3 She makes my day. All bright and happy. Oh I can just picture the next page, Haru in bed; sheets covering him, being all emo-ish, gloom lines...

Shira looks sooo cute too. I think he realises just what he got himself into [and where Haru gets his sparkle power from XD]
AHHH!! damn cliff-hangers get me everytime *waits patiently though*
Please please please, more more moar!! *dies if you dont post more*