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^__^ Hewwo!

I am Metta! The mostly harmless Psycho Dear from Hell <3 um... I fail at describing myself past that, unfortunately.. ^///^` enjoy my comics please!!
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Roro's acrophobia isn't bothered by elevators, oddly enough, because he knows he's never more than 10 feet from solid ground, and can reach the doors quickly if he needed to.
He handled it better than i would have..
This page was both incredibly fun, and incredibly irritating to do.. I had way too much fun drawing Roro freak out over that hellbeast, but it was a paaaaaaiiiiiin to color, because the top 4 eyes were so small..
November 2nd, 2011
Corn Row Physics
Take a good look. This may be the best I have ever drawn his hair. Also, I'm not sure how many more times we'll see the back of his head, so.. XD I actually had my hair put in corn rows a couple of months ago.. Partially for ease when I was at AWA, and partially for reference.. XD
Back in action
D: i truly cannot appologise enough for this.. I say with great pity and shame that part of what held this page up was that gaping hole in the middle now occupied by buildings.. :( it's pathetic, I know.. but now I'm going to try even harder to do weekly at least, until I run out of script.. >n<
Words cannot express
Chellove, Death Moth, Rainju Dash, and Death the Kentaro..

Astin is confounded by his tie, and confused as to Rotzi's sudden change in costume, as is Love. Love thought he was going to dress up like one of her characters, but Rotzi never promised any such thing, and thinks he looks nothing like her character and that he has a stupid name. Juju's only regret is that eventually, the paint has to come off.

All borrowed material to it's creators
XD I came across this when i typed in "gaming" instead of "TF2 in the search bar, and imagine my surprise!! You guys win for doing that, btw lol
>w< I love that song, lol!!! XD all I know is "Linda" though...
In which she gives him hugs and a room number
^__^ Making the girl talk in pictures is something I came up with long ago in high school. We had to do a project telling a story without using words, and this is how I made the characters "talk" with each other.
:o why, he's going to get his magikarp with the gold poke'ball of course.. pfff.. silly eric..
I would die
if I went to Japan and saw someone cosplaying as my characters.. I would just.. die.. and probably give them money and hugs XD

like how Charlie Chaplin won 3rd place in a Charlie Chaplan Look-a-like contest? XD
Perspective? In MY comic?
XD did a little experimenting with various perspectives here.. I'm surprisingly happy with the results! I'm not very big on drawing hands, just cause I can never do it to my satisfaction, but this page turned out VERY well, I think.

those earrings are important eue

OAO can I get the full story plus weather and traffic tomorrow??
March 25th, 2011
Don't go into the tall grass

o___o EVERYTHING with more than 4 legs is that big in australia.. i suggest you go buy the biggest, heaviest baseball bat you can find/afford..
TAT It's been WAY too long, and you guys really do deserve something better than this for all your trouble, and boredom..

My new year's resolution was to not use bases, and that was 3 months ago.. I depended on bases way too heavily in the past. Now, I'm going to do my best to make everything myself. It may take a little longer, but I promise, it won't be another 3 months..

T^T I'll do my best to make up for it guys.. I'm actually going to start working on the next page right now..
XD this happens to me all the time at petting zoos.. except it's always the goats..

I feel bad for the little ones cause the big ones always push them out of the way, lol
XD I can't read this for laughing at Francis..

OMG and I just now saw the title of the comic in the comment box.. XD I'm done for...
I have to laugh whenever I run into THEM.. the idiots in the crusader's uniform.. Deep down, I tihnk N is associated with them, so I like to tihnk his name is Ni, so he can then be associated with the knights who say Ni..

D: why does it feel like pokecrime is getting less and less respectable as time goes on?? we finally get the chance at one point to voice if we'd like to be a bad guy (in one of the surveys) and I passed it by because Team Rocket wasn't an option. :C
you just got fave'd for this.
is that a Date kitty?

D: I really should know his full name, but my brain isn't working properly since I just found out I get to go see a movie I've waited 2 years for.. >u<