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I enjoy yaoi of all flavors (that sounds weird). When not hunting the web for yaoi, I write fics, write originals, and cook weird food while listening to obscure music. There's more to me but I'm also kinda lazy when it comes to writing stuff about myself on places that don't constitute a full blog.
But the page is so pretty. =D
It really is. It's gorgeous.
So very cute
I laughed hard when you addressed strictly -not- imagining this in their animal shapes. I hadn't even considered it and--thankfully--am unable to picture it.

I agree with the posters that said the traditional seme/uke roles are usually balderdash outside of fiction. They make the interaction feel rather artificial. I've never met anyone (personally) who was strictly one way or the other. Frankly, it seems to me to be more of a scale.

But that's not the point. CUTE.
This shouldn't make sense but it does and it's hot ><
At the first couple of panels I thought that was Sebastian's sex face, but it's still just the massage face...and somehow that is hotter than it would be if it was the sex face because when you read it the mind goes right there...

I'm shipping bird/crab love so hard now. x3
I just signed up so I can follow you~
I stumbled here from dA, and started reading from the first comic up to today.

I want more of this---

also the Scuttle/Sebby is surprisingly win. <3

I follow you now, yesh? :3