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twilight apocalypse
WARNING: I'm not much of an artist, so normally you'll find me being an author of a comic. :D So anyway, I loooove anything that has to do with Japan. (quite literally)I play the piano and the clarinet and I love music in general. I would put a list of the anime/manga that I like but it's wayyy too long. Lemme know if you need an author via PM. I always love writing new comics!
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Oh man, now I got that song stuck in my head. XD
Oh sweet, I might see you at Otakon!
I knew iiiiiiiiiiit!
Yayyy! :D Just another instance of a fabulous sense of humor.
...the sheer adorableness of panels 5 and 6 immediately cancelled out any anger that could have occurred.
Oh Conri... I fear for what Michael might do to you. I really do. XD
Oh, I totally understand. You just keep plowin' through that junior year, okay? And omg, Aleeeex! I wanna hug him now!
That's perfectly alright. Besides, life outside of the interwebs takes first priority, so don't sweat it. I'm just glad you draw this comic so I can read it! X3
That would be VERY interesting... XD
Oh god this is great! And OMG Inglip's servant!
Looooove :D
Three dayssssss...
Oh god, I didn't get it at first. XD
Lol, happy hearts day! Now go get some sleep, silly.
You cease to entertain me, my friend. I too watch Panty and Stocking with obvious enjoyment and laughter. :D
Oh dear god, this is great! XD So children, that's why you don't get drunk. The morning after will be hell.
Is it okay if I go all "connossieur" on the masks too? XD I feel so geeky.
Btw, I think Fel with Majora's Mask on would be kinda cool.
Hehe, Atty wishes he could do that.
Omg looooove. Mostly 'cause I know what this style is. XD
Oh hey lookies, an update! Haha, I haven't checked this in so long, but honestly that's okay 'cause Eez has made me feel all fuzzy inside. He's such a cutie!
Noooo, don't hurt him! ;_;