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In panel 3 omit the capital H in Antonio's dialogue. Otherwise I'm enjoying this page and seeing this relationship develop!
Aw, it's always sad when a crush just can't work out.
Oh em gee, this comic has so much win! Dr. Marlow's logic is awesome.
I love the student on the left :)
I see him too! Hmm...
Your artwork continues to amaze me, especially the last 2 panels.
He's quoting from the Gospels in the Bible.
@CAMLOST: The second word bubble should read, "Are you planning on going to college, even though I prohibited it?"

Otherwise great comic. I'm glad to learn some of the motivations behind the behavior of Amelia's mother.
It is. No worries :)
Tahootie, a green-cheeked conure, used to try to bite my hand every time I had to feed him. I no longer have a parrot.
I found Wikipedia's definition and Wikipedia Simple's explanations to be pretty helpful, but Uncyclopedia's article on the subject is my personal favorite. I could read Uncyclopedia all day. sigh...
Breathtaking artwork...absolutely amazing.
Which materials do you use? I like that the coloring has a soft feel.
SO true!
It's the same way in my household. If my cats ever got opposable thumbs it'd be the end of me. XD
Awesome. My white cat only does that with black pants though.
lol When I first started exercising my trainer had me walk at 2.0 mph and stayed away from freeweights altogether. This trainer's scary!
My guess would be Jeph Jaques of Questionable Content.
Gorgeous artwork!
Consider my mind blown. Well done Mr. Twist!

EDIT: Sorry, bad timing. Hope your hand gets better soon!