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SWSU please delete the trolling shit ffs.
@vultureislandetc: And I regret it lol.
@SWSU-Master: That reference makes sense.
@SWSU-Master: Honestly, after reading your notes I feel a lot better that this wasn't the intended route because I honestly thought that this whole Taro winning so easily thing was blatant author favoritism on your part.
Not supposed to happen? Darn right. Taro sucked lol.
No votes shown = unanimous vote.
Okay, honestly most of the grilling Dustin got here was pretty unwarranted and he actually explained his game pretty dang well. The times he messed up were when people just kept being mad at him., did Paranoia infect Taro after Shaega's question? That Zach answer kinda threw me off guard.
Dustin forgets to mention that he completely wasted that idol he found lol.

And Taro doesn't even mention Ky wtf?



@DrMarble: You misspelled "preferably Taro".
Yeah yeah Taro keeps owning everything I get it SWSU...

And wtf the previous challenge wasn't called "final immunity challenge" and the tagline for the finale mentioned three challenges, so...why are they going back to camp? Isn't this a F2?
I'm thinking whoever Dustin decides is who Taro's going to vote for too. It could be either of them, really.
Sudden F2 twist to screw Taro over please.

Now who's leaving this time? I have no idea. I THINK Dustin's safe though.
@Guest: Would you like having food poisoning after spending 39 days starving in a desolate jungle?
Can Taro please go away? I mean, what would Ky say about this? This is why Ky should be here and not this douchebag.
Yeah so they're all going to be sick for the final day and Shaega's definitely not making it to day 39 and Taro still wins. Yep.
YES SHAEGA. GET TARO OUT. Seriously, it took 37 days for someone to figure out Taro's game...and seriously if Dustin and Sylvia mess this up, like Taro said it's their funeral.