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Hello~ My name is Oki but if you can't remember that, just call me Keita~

I like just about any type of relationship you can come up with, yaoi, yuri, lolicon, incest, hetero. I'm not that picky. I love anime and video games. My favorite anime is Tiger and Bunny. My favorite manga is Case Closed and my favorite video game serious is Rune Factory~

I don't see much point in explaining my personalty to others because wouldn't it just be easier to just talk to someone to know them better? XD And I'm just too lazy to write it oTL

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whoa :o Parker looks just like this guy I know...whoes name is Parker. Although he's extreamly tall :'D
That makes so much sense. O_O
...I wasn't expecting that XD
He dosn't look like a lv 87 though :l
LOL I completly understand that! Characters over lv 50 look so much cooler. D:
This style reminds me of Code Geass for some reason. :3
Wow, this is going quick! XD
And she probablt has no idea whats going on. XD
Can't wait to see her reaction!
lol I know he isn't a pedo, I just like to think that way. XD
OMG Pedo's! FTW XD
wth do I love pedo's so much? Im 14! I shouldn't love pedos!...but I do. >///>
Holy shit, it's Dr.Trent XD
lol his penis is unhappy XD
I am good~ =w=
Im guessing Sam is going to ask him to go with him...
OMG I love Rufios hair! OwO
Im faving this again
I'm faving this XD
this totally reminded me of stargazer by Miku Hatsune, the music video for it.
waoh a different song started playing o3o
Amilia's tail reminds me of a squirel
OMG this is so pretty :O
LOL in the third panel, Alex looks like he is in Hetalia style XD