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Dr. Sonic the Hedgehog
Comic Life 2 Lover and User - I quit using Photoshop to make my Sprite comics which was time consuming so I switched by using Comic Life 2 and now I make tons of Sprite Comics using this fine application and get it done in only in a minute!

here is some of my Hobbies I do when I not making Comics

I do: Astronomy (I love space science), Music Making, Magic, and more to come soon when I remember more!

I been Rouge's fan since I've switched with Amy since I like to collect comics and other things I even took a test on how well I know Rouge and I got 9 out of 10 question which it still good and I know Rouge well so that means..... I'm the fanatic!
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This is a Comic cover I whipped up using RamDoctor's Commissioned game artwork he did for me for Dr. Emerald's Revenge Game for Sega Genesis. I just added those two stamps to make it look cooler.
Tiny update of the comic
I've squeezed this tiny update to get it back and flowing after 12 months had passed and I haven't updated, I'm just not getting this made as fast I could, but as long I can think of something I can make it happen!

So here's a tiny update of Mega Man transporting to Sonic's World to help him once again, yes I know a crappy update but it's something!
Delayed once again but back now
I had another block but I managed to whipped out Tails' lab part and now instead of the Adventure begins part it's now Megaman's Arrival part now since Thomas light is almost ready to transport him to Mobius.

Yes I made Miley "Tailsko" Prower say Thomas Light not Dr. Light, Also to kinda keep confusion away I've decided that Tailsko goes by her name unless I use copter as a nickname.
Been having a series block
I had another of those series blocks again, but I managed to take my time to get this page done where Robotnik and Wiley was thinking of Upgrading the Robot Masters.
@Erokuso: Thanks I just broke free from my series block, as long I continue this from Comic Life 2 and get more in soon.
Broke Free from the Series block
After a 5 month refresh I've finally got back to this comic and done this with Sonic Relaxing in Green Hill Zone until Rouge comes along to tell him that Albert Wily had Teamed up with Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.
Just a quick Experiment
This is just an experiment with the speech balloons and it's text inside Comic Life 2 has 9 point but I thought why not try 8 point at 72DPI

So if you can read eight point just well let me know so I can use it for the comic now.
@DUDEVSTHEWORLD: Yep, it will come when the final talking is done and the action really starts.

I'll keep that in mind, I used to play around with Comic Life Magiq where I could do almost anything, like use shapes and make them as speech bubbles. Which I don't mind anymore I have CL2 for all my comic making needs.
@DUDEVSTHEWORLD: based Archie Comic publishing's issue of the World's combine - this just the beginning of another battle of Wily.

Comic life 2 is what I use to create these photoshop's shape of those bubbles are so hard to edit.
Had issues keeping up again!
I been lackin' the inspiration to continue but as long I can provide a story in this comic it will be a hit, sorry about the huge delay....

Here's the proper order to read the comic

Panel 1 - Robotnik first then Wily and then Eggman again

Panel 2 Eggman then wily

Panel 3 - Tailsko then Tails

Panel 4 Tailsko and Tails

Panel 5 Thomas Light then Megaman

Hopefully with these minor changes of the Balloons with the font at 8 point and with the proper postion of them it's now fixed.

I also redone the Background of Scrap Brain Zone A.k.A the final Zone background just mirrored it with photoshop now it's much better now.
Finally gotten this finished
After a huge delay I finally gotten to finish this and upload it

Fixed up the Ballons on this one even though it's just part 1.

The Fourth panel's Balloon is driving me insane! I may have this one fixed those who speaks first is on top and the other is on bottom so it's fixed now hopefully!

Panel 5 has an extension balloon which is that comics may have this so it like left then it's extension the way it is on most comics.
Here's the Chapter page of Wily teaming up with Dr. Robotnik. I took Scrap Brain zone and made a copy and flipped it to make it one big background
Here's the fancy cover I came up with. So you know what to expect in this sprite comic. Plus I used the font Avengeance font to bring an Avengers styled touch to the title.
Where did you get those Wily sprites? I been trying to find some decent ones and I found nothing.