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Been drawing comics since I was a kid and used to be really serious. Now I do it mostly for fun.
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Just a heads up that the next update will probably take a while. Had a longer than expected visit by a friend and going away again for a few weeks. :/
So, finally an update! Took much longer than I planned but ... oh well. We've had longer droughts. x) Anyway. Puck evolved while fighting some random Rockets' pretty early in the Silph. Co building. Not quite as dramatic as this. Not sure when the next update will be. Hopefully not 2 months though.
Yes I am alive
Welp, it's been a month and I should try to keep you guys somewhat updated at least. Was away for a bit longer than I anticipated and then other things happened. But I've started to work on the next update now - so in two weeks it should be done. Maybe even before that if I try hard enough. x)
And here we go again. Not much to say. Was terrified for Kato when that self-destruct happened, but it wasn't even a close call. Can't say when the next update will be though since I'm going to visit a friend for a while.
@Moonbeast32: I said this was going to be the last arc, not chapter. x)
@derpo: The battle against Koga had things worth telling so I decided to mix him into the Saffron arc. And no, the way my script is now I'll need at least 2 more chapters (so this one + another) to wrap things up.
Aaah, so 4 weeks have passed. My plan was to rest for 2 and then get back to work properly for the next 2 ... But I had a long visit from my mother and after that, went to see my father and so my working schedule was thrown off completely. Really should have taken that into account, but alas. So this cover is all I have to offer for now. Good news is I at least managed to script out the entire chapter + a bit more so ... there's that.

I'm gonna try to work enough to update (properly) in 2 weeks from now. But as it always is when visiting relatives - unexpected things might pop up. :/
@Guest: Bad choice of paper is what happened. And lack of time and motivation to re-draw it when I realised my first mistake. My priority is to keep my deadlines and get the story going and sometimes that means the art will suffer for it. But I'll make sure to at least have better paper next time.
Welp! This is the end of chapter 13. I'm gonna take a little break before I start the next one. Been working on this almost everyday for the past months, and I feel like I need to slow down just a bit for now (and focus on sorting some stuff out). So say 4 weeks until chapter 14. 8D
Update time! And no other comments this week. More stuff will happen next time.
All right, we're 44 pages into the chapter and things might finally start to happen. Remember when I could cram in 2 entire chapter in the same amount of pages? Good times. x)
Not much to say. Next update will be in two weeks ... hopefully. For the first time in years I don't have any buffer at all. But as long as no shit comes up it should be fine.
@Guest: I have a (sort of) drawing schedule for this comic right now. By following it I will be able to update every 2 weeks (unless it's a really long update).
Update time again. Things may finally start to happen. Soon-ish. xD Next update will be in two weeks.
@Malnox: I know you mean well, so sorry if this comes off as a bit harsh.

I have literally been taking a break from this comic for almost a year (or more?) to work on other things. I am pretty stress free at the moment and feeling quite good. And yes, I need to set deadlines and organise it. If I was only going to work on it when I 'felt like it' the comic would end right here, right now.

Because there always something I'd rather draw than this (for someone who has a 600+ pages comic about pokemon, I really DO NOT enjoy drawing pokemon that much).

A long comic will always feel tedious at times - but the satisfaction of having completed something is what pushes me through to continue. To actually have an end in sight have made it easier for me to sit down and work (I've been working almost every day on it for the past 2 weeks!).

And yes, I will probably type up everything I had planned after the end (maybe with little illustrations too). :)
Update time. IDK what to say this time. Next update will be in 2 weeks.
@Guest: Yes, some other people have asked about this, so I'll probably put together a sort of 'what happened afterwards' for those who're interested in what happened in-game.

Everything that's gonna happen in this arc is however, perfectly matches what happened in game.
Having a lot of pages drawn in advance is very handy, but coming back to them like 1 or 2 years later really put some perspective on things and suddenly you don't feel all that clever about the writing/joke anymore. x) But oh well. Next part will be up in a week!

And also, I can't say how glad I am to hear how understanding you all are about my decision. Thank you, you're truly amazing readers.
Well, I guess it's time to get this started. Pages will come next week, as I'm trying to create a bit of a buffer (for the first time ever I don't actually have some 50+ pages lying around waiting for colour).

Some less fun news though. Not relevant right now, but I feel like it's only fair to give you a heads up. And I did mention it in an earlier comment but I was a bit vague and hadn't completely made up my mind yet.

I know some of you will probably be disappointed - and for that I am truly sorry. But I will most likely end this comic after this arc. I suppose it shouldn't come to too much of a surprise considering the irregular update schedule - but that's what happens when the artist lose all inspiration and most of their motivation. Honestly - if it wasn't for you readers I would have ended it a long time ago. I want to give the comic (and you) a somewhat satisfying conclusion, but I know it will be impossible for me to force myself to draw it the very 'end'. It would take years and my lack of inspiration would hurt the quality of the comic itself - both art and writing wise (I am honestly feeling this happening right now). Now, the last thing anyone wants is a story becoming an uninspired drag that just keeps going with no soul or thought whatsoever.

But I have had this arc planned out for years and I know what to draw so I feel like I could make it work well enough. Things are gonna go down and things will be tied up enough for, what I consider, an all right ending. Again, I am sorry. But I have been considering this for a long time and I know it will be the best thing to do, both for me and the comic. Also, this arc isn't gonna end any day soon. Maybe in a year or so, if I work hard enough.

Again, thanks for sticking by and leaving comments and the like – wouldn't have come this far without you.
Aaaand finally this chapter is over. It feels like an eternity since I started it (and it pretty much was). The wrap up might have been a bit rushed, but I really just wanted to get on with the story without dragging things on anymore. Also, while drawing I was listening to this: and it might have increased the cheesy level a little bit. x)