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Go check out Spookie-Nekomata at her deviantart!
Yoshi Mastar
April 27th, 2009
Is that a barred window in the middle of regular glass windows!? XD
Truth be told
Heh, this is really just a filler, sorry
I delete a lot of the comments because they're really retarded you silly gooses.
Solely responsible for the well being and cultural accommodation for a humans accidental arrival in the Mushroom World.
Comic Number 69
Add up 68 + 1, it'll explain my childish reaction, which will explain Yoshi's disdain for my existence.
The final plunge into the shadows...
This comics all about how this series got started, what inspires me to make it, and shading effects.

Mostly shading effects.
I've been wanting to make a comic where Mario's using the Proton Cannon against Bowser for like 2 years.
Edit after edit after edit!
That frowny face was accidental, it was just some scrap lines that was originally Bowser's fried head.
I also wanted the gun to fade in like in the games but it just looked sloppy. Coming into existence electrically is much cooler!
Back a while ago
Ahh bird flu season. It effects everything with wings; bird, turtle, none are safe!
Bad things always happen on Valentine's Day. Just go to the Red Coin Saloon's V day special. Mario has a bad time too 83
How come nobody else ever notices the moon has a face?