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painful I imagine.
lol, Sin is funny.
Nis you are so ashamed of her x]
Yes! Jonah, I love you and your people clothes.
October 26th, 2010
I'm so busy I don't have time to draw, and when I do, you get lazy art...
sorry if I update only every week or 2...

anyways, Halloween is coming up meaning I need to release my other comic soon.
I'll try to get around to CA when I can.
Sorry, I had a test today and I have a big test on Friday so I don't have much time for the comic this week.
I tried some fast screentones. :/
not sure if I'll keep adding tones though.
I'll try and not be lazy with the panel lines and speech bubbles <:3
oh no... xD lmao
next updates are gonna be funnehhhhhhh
September 30th, 2010
I don't want it to end D':>
This is to good of a story!!!
I'm trying so hard not to burst out in absolute laughter cuz I'm in class xD
but LMFAO!!!!!