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I really love that third panel. The blur + burns (which are really well drawn, looks sooty and mottled and several layers burnt away) renders Daniel completely inhuman. Not just monstrous, but a monster. Up till now even when instinct overwhelmed him there were still higher functions for the most part, or at least the sense they would return (however twisted), but on this page it's just pure survival instinct. I'm sure the blood will help his brain come back a bit but for now it's quite frightening (I mean, he is with his brain working too...)

I also quite like the eyes on this page. That inhuman red eye, then the burned out eye, especially when it's put next to the dead eye of the mortician. His good eye barely gets a glimpse in the fourth panel, while the other guy flinches away and hides from what he's seeing. It's just cool, and somehow emphasizes even more how fast this all happens.
everyone's talking about his face in the last panel, and it is great, but what I'm most impressed by is the way his back clearly straightens when he shouts, "yes, sir!" when have we ever seen this punk not slouching at least a little? wow, allie. lookit at that posture.
She looks so pale and weak here... but she's fighting back. Can't wait. ^_^
Yeah, he's so much more terrifying when he thinks he's being loving. I can hear his voice getting all soft and sweet on this page, and it's...

SHUDDER. Oh Christine.
....his gloves are concerning me. Not sure why I'm focused on that detail, but I'm worried all the more.

He's moved in and is either planning on turning her or 'living' together now, supping on her. Not sure what escalation will even be next but I expect something awful (for her).
"No, I must have been wrong, he couldn't do that." ....but I notice you're still sleeping with the poker right next to you.

Trust your instincts, Christine.
Soft moments like this only amp up the suspense more. I'm so scared for her, aaah! Daniel, you're so so creepy, haha.
I'm with you; all of his scenes with Christine are creepier than his violent revenge. Than, in a way, could be justified as them being terrible people and his rage/monstrous nature overtaking him. Even his deliberate mutilation of Wayne directly correlated to his own suffering.

The attacks on innocents are also less creepy because they're a part of his nature as a vampire. They're instinctive in the moment. Christine, though, he's still kind of Daniel, just *twisted* and his 'love' for her is terrifying. Things like drugging her so he can take a bite, that alternation between sweet and cold... I've grown increasingly worried all comic that she's going to be his worst victim. There's so much suspense built into all their scenes, it's amazing. Especially with him unraveling more and more.
I love this moment. She's been trying to deny how scared/suspicious she's becoming, but it's getting increasingly harder. Getting mad at him for being late is a little thing but all through this page shows her getting ready to turn her back on him.

...and then there he is. She can't escape, it's like even thinking about it brings him back. So subtle and so creepy.
I feel like the color crops up when Daniel feels 'alive' and vibrant... could be missing some moments, but if I'm right then I love it. It adds a whole level of creepy to things, and really emphasizes the difference between who he was and what he's become.

....well, even if I'm wrong the red blood and colorful horror in the middle of an otherwise black&white comic is still super creepy and I love it.
loving all the old-school vampire mythos sneaking in, here...

plus the art, characterizations, story... it's all really solid and good. not to mention creepy. great so far!
It's cute how after everything, George is still apparently completely stunned by this revelation. Look at her eyes in that last panel!

Atty, meanwhile, actually looks his age. Scuffed, sad kid. I wanna hope that they'll be forgiving but so far Abel seems like the only sensible adult in the world and this was his pet, so... RIP Atticus.

(then again, DT breaking him out of jail and a long arc of them on the run could be fun too, heh.)
I have named my Diglett Gutripper, in honor of this lovely gym battle. Good luck, Dragonthing.
I like the simple sort of 'bop on the head' method of knocking people out.

Seems useful.
December 24th, 2011
Awesome perspective in that first panel.
December 22nd, 2011
Yes, that's the best way to reassure a GIRL. Tell her you're "bros".

Dragonthing, how would you rate the characters you've met so far, on a like-least to like-most basis?
Well, I didn't mean to... *cough* save our lives *cough*.

So it seems all he had to do to rid himself of her was just burn down a forest and kill off countless bug pokemon while he was at it! Who knew?
...if you call a swarm of agonized burning-alive bugs setting the forest on fire "family-friendly"...

Eh. (To quote Thad.)