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I beat Sonic Colors in 3 hours, and the cutscenes were not funny and amusing at all, only the copyright one and the final cutscene after the credits.
As much as I tried...I could NOT lol

The next comic for Sonic Adventure 2D Advance will be up soon!

Also you see i've added new chapters like

"Sonic's story"
I decided to do Sonic and Shadow's story at the same time.

I need someone to help me with Sonic's story, I can't do both by myself, and Adbies no where to be found.

So...Who wan'ts to help?
Comment plox.
My Sprites are On this Comic, Don't know what else to tell you, dude.
Yes, Master. *Tears drop*
Sorry, Master

*Bends down on knees*

You may give me any punishment I deserve, *Tears drop*
Also proxy is bann jumping, thats illegal, and you CAN bann proxy.

No you are, the comic was deleted, which meant the fight was over, you CONTINUED it, and you're ven talking in caps, which proves that you are mad and you were INDEED edgeing the fight on


Can you shutup before I tell everyone the accident
Blaze, can you ban Syeed and Claresilver?

They are getting on my nerves and Claresilver won't let things go!It's very annoying my superiror I ask for you to bann these both from commenting, and if Claresilver comment as a guest (which I KNOW she will) bann that too.
Enter Commands

Ok, whoever can geuss the 3 cameos I hid in this comic, well get a secrect spoiler (DUN DUN DUN)

So, wht do you do?Do you follow Tails, or do something else??

P.S, Thanks to Absol for the buttons
Tried, Can't fit the text box.
hey dont tell syeed to stfu hes my frien dnd its the internet stop acting like its personal you're the pest here.Also don't talk about his cousin how would you like it if I said I anal raped you're ugly mom last night (mabey ur mom is ugly)
Syeed calm down, its just another internet person who is very immature and hates on
Ok, so enter you're commands for what you do, remember, choose WISELY.


Whoever can geuss the two cameos I put in the comic (First one is pretty simple, second one is pretty hard.)
I will tell them who are the 3 locked characters and how you unlock them.
Comment as a guest then smartass.

*locks it again with a diffrent lock and eats key*
also working on my intro now...
No one cares claresiver also dont say fuck syeed i know him in real life and wont hisate..he's not gay nd he's to young yo fuck

claresilver please stop you're acting like a kid ITS A AVATAR please I made this myself my baby sister could make this...