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this is like. fucking surreal.

i dont even remember doing most of this. i barely even remember this "The Cowboy" shithead but all i know is that he was a fucking asshole.

what the hell was even the point of all this. was there any rhyme or reason behind this shitstorm? thats probably why it ultimately failed big time. because it was just a parade of people throwing feces at each other because it's complete bullshit.
ohhhhhhh my godddddddd what the fuckkkk
holy fucking shit. i cannot believe this absolute bullshit

i can barely even skim through this nightmare of atrocities without getting the strongest urge to just throw up violently

what the fuck was i doing. i cannot believe that you guys could, even for a second, tolerate me. beep-veep the fucking bandana wearing star control freak. jesus christ.

also what even was this? you guys were mad at some mods so you made some palringo group? what the hell even is palringo? why was i involved? how did i even become part of this circus show?? i didn't even hate the mods!!!! or any of the people on scratch for that matter.

i'm also fairly certain you guys really hated the furry rp people. I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I HAD NO REASON TO BE PART OF THIS. WHAT THE FUCK
Float, haven't I already explained that many of the people on scratch don't have proper working minds, and that they need this information
Actually, you haven't improved. I think I improved and you say I didn't, and vice versa. Maybe we both improved, but even if you did, I didn't notice it.

For the last fucking time I do not have any imaginary friends. Stop blaming me for the contained, self consumed life you live. I have a life unlike you outside the computer screen.

And no I don't, but you seem to hold an authority to yourself and you feel as if you want something that you will strive to get it, be it one of the most stupid things ever, and you think you can take it easily. Trust me. I've noticed.
Tips to figure out who is the real BaVB
Here are some helpful tips on finding out who is the real BaVB on Scratchy Scratch and Palringo "scratchchat" and "scratchers".

1. On Scratchy Scratch, my username is Beep-Veep. Bav-b is not me.

2. The fake BaVB is usually much worse then me, and actually DOES talk about viberators and fucking bunnies.

3. In some cases, the other BaVB's image on Pal is slightly different then mine. And when all of our usernames and descriptions are the same, I am always on top of them.

4. All the other BaVBs are more of assholes then I am

5. The real BaVB is owner at scratchers, and one of the fake BaVBs is banned from it

I think that's it, any other questions will be answered
Oh my fucking god, this piece of crap sucks. Did you pull this out of your ass and call it a finished work of art? In my life off of this dammed internet, if my comics were presented like this, I wouldn't have any fans of my work like I do now. I'm sorry to admit it Lonwol, but you are terrible in drawing, and it is surprising to see that you have lasted so long in the SSofS. I mean... this is just horrible! You haven't improved at all, and I've gone from dust to better then this! Oh, and by the way, your excuse of me thinking high of myself is wrong. You are the one thinking high of yourself, Lonwol. You probably imagine yourself four times as amazing as you really are, because you are, really, really, low.
Hey, I never said that
This is another one of those fucking imposters
I'm surprised the remark haven't been told to you, Lonwol
The reason this was two comics was because it was two different pages

I was too lazy to combine them

And lord told me thats what you look like Glitch
That's your problem, not mine Cowboy
It was basically text in the corner saying "To avoid making this comic inappropriate, we seized to add the next panel into this comic"
The epic sequel
if you can call it that
Hello everyone
Did you all miss me?
What's hilarious is that everyone ignored this and took it really seriously and they brought their drama over the line

I mean not one person commented here, ever
Hey woah cool
The bold text is large, it is not

that is awesomeeee
Uh no, I can show you the original thing