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@HKim: thanks for the compliment and feature!
Last minute dodge by Hiro, saves him from being sliced in half. Hiro tosses his pendant into the and invokes his magic. Just what kind of artifact can we expect to see?

Characters, Comic, Art (c) :iconredliger:
One page closer to the end of chapter 1.

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Redliger
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
I meant to get this uploaded earlier today! But I couldn't finish it last night, Christmas Eve has always been the busiest time for me. And this is something I started in the last Livestream.

Anyway I would like to make something for all my friends I've made here. But I just don't have the time to do so. So instead have a greeting card like message from me.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays..

Art, Characters (c) Redliger
Hiro's Battle test finally starts!
Can Hiro and the others face of against 150 golems in 10 minutes! Only time will tell (Hopefully not too much this time)

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) redliger
Here's the next page, where we get a better understanding on Hiro's situation. Not only that but it seems that Ryan has learned that Hiro was human. Just how is he gonna handle this news?

Characters, Comic, & Art © redliger
Pokemon © Nintendo
Hiro and his friends are currently waiting for the battle portion of their test and Wisp feels Hiro should go over a few spells for the test. But Hiro's not worried... at least he wasn't. Seems Shade more interested now.

Characters, Comic, Art (c) redliger
Looks like Shade, Flare, and Wisp aren't in trouble... This time. And it's the guy starting the trouble explaining things.

Characters, Art, Comic (c) Redliger
Chatty little sprite isn't it!
I wonder just what we'll learn about Hiro's situation.

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Redliger
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
And all of this in less than an hour!

I know, it's been forever and I'm sorry for the wait. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the new page.

Characters, Art, Comic (c) :iconredliger:
Hiro's adjusted look was supposed to be saved for the next chapter but I unintentionally drew him this way and I was already to far into making the page that I would've had to start the page over just to make him like the previous pages.

Anyway sorry it took forever to get this page up.

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) :iconredliger:
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Hiro is taking his test but is having trouble keeping his focus. Will Shade and the others get into trouble, and blow Hiro's chance at a license.

Also, I know that Hiro's hands look horrible. I need to practice drawing hands more.

Characters, Art, Comic (c) Redliger
Look's like Hiro has once again waking up in a strange and unfamiliar place this time with a friend and all in one chapter which is soon coming to a close.

Just what lies in the vast darkness.

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Redliger
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Sorry it took so long to get this up. I was hoping to get this up before Wednesday, but that didn't happen. And the reason it took a little longer was because from the day of it's release on Wednesday, I haven't been able to put down my vita playing 'Persona 4 Golden'. The only reason I was able to finish was because I collapsed from lack of sleep. And was to will myself to my laptop and work on the this page and among other things...
Anyway enjoy, I'm gonna go play some more PERSONA!!!!

Characters, Art, Comic © redliger
I'm actually really proud of this page.

Seems neither Hiro or Ryan notice the mirror acting weird what does this mean for the two of them?

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
And here we have Hiro explaining his reasons for leaving Flare in charge.

Characters, Art, Comic (c) Me
Looks like Hiro may have some issues with learning about his past. Too bad he doesn't know why!

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Doesn't look like Wisp wants to talk about what happened and changes the subject by informing him that the test is about to start without him. So before he leaves Hiro leaves Flare in charge who is a little surprised at his decision. How will things turn out with Flare in charge.

Characters, Art, Comic (c) Me
Finally after overcoming the many challenges of the dungeon (which I was too lazy to show most of) Hiro comes can finally learn about his past. Just what will the mirror reveal?

Characters, Comic, & Art (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Across the sea huh? My guess is the next boss is from Windwaker!