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lh: constant healing spell
rh: ebony sword (legendary)
inventory: 1 lb less than your max carry weight

that sucker's going down and leaving you with ~100 lbs of loot.
Non-Canon Joke Time
This is the first of (probably) many Non-Canon Joke Time strips. These strips have nothing to do with the rest of the comic, and consequently may be used as filler from time to time (read: now) and/or show up whenever I think of something funny that the internet simply /must/ hear about and/or when I want to be an asshole and provide an extra update's worth of suspense.
I am still unable to update regularly, thanks to the sudden onset of what can only be described as a life, but when something like this happens, it must be, for lack of a better term, celebrated. I lack a better term because the event that we are celebrating is that a man is dead. I don't much care that I lack a better term because he was a fucking terrorist asshole who, in one fell swoop, killed 2,819 American civilians (official count as of 9/5/02) and has gotten away with it for almost ten years.

You know what? Screw the "better term." Let's fucking celebrate.
February 19th, 2011
I just noticed, this makes 25 TINTWYLFs. Unfortunately, the only thing I have for you is filler and a demonstration of how to make the comic plural, should the need arise.
February 19th, 2011
Shockingly Realistic
So, yeah. My technology now lives alongside such notables as Yelling Bird, Sweet-Tits, Shame Orb, Randy the Bandicoot, Shelby the Dog (all from Questionable Content by Jeph Jaques); and Anubis (from So Damn Bright by Erich Perry) and all they seem to do is compete for my time. Just like in real life!

And yes, I do indeed have the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360. What's more is that the box it came in has a preorder pickup sticker on it that reads "1". Eat it, No0b$! Jk. Only eat it if you're hungry.
February 17th, 2011
Potential Changes
So I was rereading this strip (yes, I am aware that that makes me narcissistic) and I think emotion and flow would be best served if, rather than each character having his or her own designated font, fonts were used contextually. Otherwise, I might end up with boring, static characters. Bernetta isn't ALWAYS angry. She are a peeple, too!
February 12th, 2011
Late Post (Almost)
So technically this strip is up on time, because I only committed to "Saturdays," but in reality, that usually means before 0500 Saturday morning, so I'm sorry I made you wait.

Also, I know I said that I would take "[temp-comic]" down when I put this up, but I would like to think of it as my first filler. A DPD, if you will.
I never had any of those kinds of shirts. Neither I nor my friends had spare money, but we did have the sense to spend what we had on more important things, like Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones when it came out.
App Updated
It now does 6 layers and has a "Select" tool, featuring rectangles, oblongs, a magic wand, and "Select By Color."

This app becomes more of a dirt-cheap touch-screen Photoshop by the update.
I'm Sorry...
So, yeah, Bernetta's a #&$@.

In my opinion, this is definitely worth checking back for the version with art. Facial expressions have been making me "l o l out loud." Also, this is the first glimpse we're getting of Brad's face outside of the alignment chart on the Characters page, and his look has changed very slightly. For one, his outlines are no longer in black. I think it looks better.
VERY late comic and a lame joke. I'll do better this week, I promise.
January 15th, 2011
Small Comic This Week
I don't have the money to donate to SmackJeeves and get access to bigger file sizes, so I have to keep the comics under 500 MB. This one's very busy, so it got shrunk. :(

Maybe it will grow eventually...
If you don't get the reference, the original can be found here.
Happy New Year!
For the past 50 years, every "future" setting except for 2001: A Space Odyssey has been set in 2010. [citation needed] Now 2010 is over. Asking for a flying car is rather cliche' so instead I want wireless power supply. The technology is out there, people, so why don't we get to use it?
Sneak Preview
My first strip featuring any of the characters. This was done prior to me putting any serious thought into character development, so they will look slightly different, but Brad and Cyd will indeed be staying with us.
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog is, without a doubt, one of my favorite cinematic productions period. I say "cinematic productions" because, in case you haven't heard of it, it was released on the internet in three (3) acts. It's available for purchase on iTunes, or through Netflix. It stars Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, M.D.), Nathan Fillion (Castle, Mal Reynolds from Firefly), and Felicia Day (Vi from Buffy, Cyd Sherman from The Guild). Even my 46-year-old doesn't-even-have-a-Facebook dad liked it. I guarantee you will, too.
Most of the games in the Metal Gear franchise have this line, but you can get a PS1 for dirt cheap (seriously, dirt can end up costing more), so play the original!
Best $6 I ever spent.
The first comic I've hand-drawn. I use the ArtStudio app for my iPad. It features lots of tools, up to 5 layers, exports .png and .psd files, and includes several very helpful tutorials.
Please don't sue me.
Attention Microsoft, 343 Industries, Bungie, and whoever owns the rights to Pokémon imagery: If you have an issue with this comic, I will gladly take it down. That being said, this is just a tribute, so please don't have an issue with it.
Soundtrack to My Mind (track I)
Every time I hear that line, or many others from the original movie, I hear John Williams music playing. In case you don't know, John Williams is the composer behind the music of Star Wars, as well as the likes of Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and many others. When Ep. III was coming out, Corey Vidal, a professional YouTuber, made a video in which he sang a John Williams medley in 4-part a capella harmony with himself, using memorable Star Wars lines as lyrics. Just type "John Williams is the man" into Google or YouTube. The video is epic.