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I thought IX was 9 and XI was 11?
Holy shit your art is amazing! Teach me your ways <3
seriously do tutorials or something, that is beautiful. Love it.
Hoshi's super hot. Kyandi is cute. Tsuki's pretty.
Your characters are all adorable D:
Heyyy, you know googol is a word? It's actually what Google was named after, only they changed the spelling. It's the largest number, a 1 and then a hundred 0s. :D
Ahem,anywayssss love the comic. Just gonna comment even though I haven't read it up to date yet. c:
I am a little afraid of Mama Skunk. ;-;
You're not even 10 pages in and there's already at least 3 characters with awesome hair. ;_;
And noses, I suck at noses. :c
This is really promising so far~ ;D
Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. :] Also it's not sketchy.
I like that driver's hair. ;o;
James u suk. Poor lil' Stein. And now he has to go out and perform. :'(
I really like your style. It's so...clean but messy? Idk, it's just awesome. Expressions ftw! :D
Raz's head: BRB body.
Hey, I was just rereading the comic, and noticed on the last bit of text it says 'dieing' instead of 'dying'. Dunno if some one already pointed it out or what, just thought I'd let you know. :3
Oh, and it's on the next page too.
Why not leave the vegetarian killjoy/wizard?
Poor Nate and his sensitive white boy problems. :'C
Those are actually the coolest. ;-; so clean.
May I ask what you lined them with specifically? ;w;
Texty, get out of there. You don't belong in a mouth. Get out of there.
That SJ banner up the top better be an April Fool's joke.
I love how Raz's clothes just materialise.
James is gonna remind Stein of the show to get him outta there right? Maybe..? So frigid James. >:C
If anyone's gonna be weeping and blushing it's Sid :D
And Raz would be the rapist.
Idk I have nothing useful to say :DDDDDDDD
Lol she's 55?? Or that's a typo??

Also, it should be 'Doesn't she have any pride at all?' down the bottom there. ;)
The fuck are you doing, Stein? :U
Stop that.