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And yet another return by your fearless artist! x'D

A lot has changed! I have a daughter now and I'm also married! Been really busy these days!

I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for you all.
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Relaunch success!

Oof, Iroku you need to chill. Sutinku's just trying to help, man. Hmm...maybe there's more going on than people realize.

See the next page early on Patreon!
God this hits me so hard in the feels. Without going into details my husband and I recently had a discussion like this. Honestly I feel numb about what happened and I'm in the processing phase. I know exactly what Ned's feeling right now. Betrayal hurts, lying hurts, covering up things hurts.
Happy anniversary~! >w<
You didn't see aaaaaanythiiiiing. *waves hands*
A sudden badass appears!
You just HAD to go there-

RIP everyone.
/Heavy siiiiiigh/ Eska, discipline your arm on the art of evasion-
Yet another new baby for Black Flame Academy.

Maitoshi is a 3rd year (since I need more HECC) and he's a demon hybrid.

Keep an eye out for him in my comic~

Also fun fact - He originally was a My Little Pony design but I redesigned him recently.
Better have lost those people following you, Armie. Or is it Leftie? Imma go out on a LIMB and say she named it Stephanie.
September 29th, 2018
@Torakodragon: Nyoom! Go Doug, go!
September 28th, 2018
I love how Doug just YEETS out the door x'D
@Meloh: Yeah, it's under management of your comic. ^^ I have it active on mine and once it gets bigger it's gonna deeeeefinitely need it. Cuz I can see this going far! ♥

And thank you very much~! It's great to be back. ;u;



This is serious motivation for me to continue my work! ♥♥♥♥

I still love you even if you lurk but HNNNNNG this is such a boost!

Black Flame Academy will be back to a regular posting schedule soon!
Yup, he's going to show up in Black Flame Academy, too.

He's a red squirrel. And he doesn't look friendly-- better give him something to make him happy.
Another character that will be appearing in Black Flame Academy~

Itazura is an Ocelot hybrid. He may look like a grump but he's not that bad...or is he?
Just a little drawing of Iroku's father, Isoshi. (See my comic Black Flame Academy.)

BACK!!! Kinda lol

I'm posting this mostly as a revival. I might not post weekly yet but I am two pages ahead at the moment. I'm gonna wait until I'm 5 pages ahead, then I'll start posting, and even doing one extra page on Patreon so I can revive that.

So now the cliffhanger is finally revealed.

Iroku was held back a year.


Also incoming art style change in the next page. Just a head's up lol

Visit my patreon for an early page every week for patrons!
PHEW! Just caught up! I've been gone a while and this is looking amazing! I'm coming off of a hiatus, myself, so I'm happy to be back! ♥

Also, if I may make a suggestion, Smackjeeves has an option of putting on a "Save My Place" button and that would be reeeaaally helpful for people like me that take long breaks. :)
So I may have to switch release day to Friday next week. I just got a ton more hours at work so I'm trying to figure out my schedule again. So if it isn't out by next Tuesday/Wednesday you know why. ^^

Man, Iroku, why you so grumpy? =3=