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And yet another return by your fearless artist! x'D

A lot has changed! I have a daughter now and I'm also married! Been really busy these days!

I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for you all.
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So I may have to switch release day to Friday next week. I just got a ton more hours at work so I'm trying to figure out my schedule again. So if it isn't out by next Tuesday/Wednesday you know why. ^^

Man, Iroku, why you so grumpy? =3=
Awwwhhhh T_T I'm really hoping for a happy ending, here! I HOPE THAT'S A PROPHETIC DREAM!
Poor Kou reeeally hates disciplining students. He wants them to follow the rules but he doesn't want to be the bad guy. T_T

And poor Sutinku just wants to be acknowledged. x'D
@Meloh: Ohhh! Right lol rip
you F I E N D!!
Hmm...time to take a poll to see how many people think the skull is a guy or a girl. :D lol
@Berggen_Kino: No, I think it's just the lighting.
OwO What's this?
*raises hand vigorously*

UH. UH. She punched it in the gut? :D
This page was so fun, haha. Finally the dark and gloomy colors are starting to fade away.

Jeeze, Iroku, stop drowning the world with your angst, boy! D:<
@MalluriaBP: Hey I appreciate that!! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! This particular story is very close to me and I'm so happy when I get comments like this. ^^
Hey boi >u>
Still getting a feel for what coloring style I want to use lol xD

Finally back on schedule! Woop woop!

Hmmm...who could THIS be? OwO

By the way I joined the cool kids. I'm on Instagram now.

Go here for random sketches and comic previews~
Awww you'll get there!! <3
It's really hard as a creator getting your projects noticed. Fan art and sexy drawings will ALWAYS get more attention. But don't lose hope! Those 4 likes are from people who genuinely support your work. Be humble and thankful. ^^ I mean, I'm trying to get my manga out there. It's hard, but I'm doing my comic for ME not for confirmation from others.
AAAAAGH sorry this one is so late! I took on extra shifts at work last week so I wasn't able to work on it very much. But the next page will be out as scheduled tomorrow! <3