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And yet another return by your fearless artist! x'D

A lot has changed! I have a daughter now and I'm also married! Been really busy these days!

I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for you all.
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September 11th, 2019
YOU RANG??? (My name's Jean oh my god this startled me)
Suzume's face is a mood.
Buildings suck, yo.

This. This page. Is the reason for my main struggle. I would look at it, do a line or two, then give up for another week.

And oh hey look, the academy's logo got an upgrade! (Not that it's been shown yet but I like it a lot more now.)

A little backstory: This building IS based on a real life one in my town. I'm sure locals will pick up on it, or at least people who have visited! Bonus points for anyone who guesses lol. Have a little easter egg.

Now to post the next page and take a small break and head to bed x_x I'm dead.
@marshman101: Haha, I lowkey do. Thanks for reading! ♥
We're BACK!!
Oh my gosh I am SO sorry!!

That "short holiday hiatus" turned into six months oh my god ;A; Life unfortunately took a turn for the worse but we're back in business!!

I will be posting the rest of the chapter in bulk very soon to make up for lost time!! Thank you all so much for your patience! ♥
Oh my god.
Daisy and Duke.
I see you're also a fan of making punny named characters. x'D
Happy birthday you beautiful human being! ♥

I love your work so far! If I get the chance I'll totally run over to patreon (just trying to get mine off the ground, too;;; )

I wish you the best this holiday season! ♥
Do I sense...

A SHIP?????!!1??1

@TamTam: I mean, to be fair, I walked home from school when I was in 1st/2nd grade. It's not that outlandish in safer neighborhoods.
Now we're introduced to the principal and a few other students~ :D
I've been hard at work doing extra art for my characters haha.

Here are some boys that will be showing up in Black Flame Academy at some point (though, still not sure on Nishigori. I might have him show up? I still need to develop him more.)

Hori Nishikawa - Senior, Incubus Hybrid
Inukai Tsushima - Senior, Lamb Hybrid
Madoka Nishigori - Unknown, Human
Rollo Martins - Senior, Wolf Hybrid
Jean-Leon Dubois - Senior, Butterfly Hybrid
Takuya Ninshiki - Math Teacher, Dog Hybrid (specifically Shikoku Inu)
Kaori is best wingman ;D

So here we have more of the main cast! :D
Coffee, you didn't SAY anything, dear. You only thought it, silly kitty~
Sutinku's continuing to be a good friend~

Everyone needs a buddy like him, honestly.

Good luck, Iroku. You're gonna need it!

Here we go. The sea of students that make up Black Flame Academy!

Originally I *was* going to put hair colors and stuff but...that proved to be a bit of an undertaking, especially since I have so many characters, y'know?

Plus that leaves room for projection if you eventually make an OC or something lol

Also judging by Iroku's reaction the student body wasn't *nearly* this big when he attended last year. ;D They're separated by year, this time! Freshmen (blue), Sophomores (red), Juniors (green), then Seniors (purple). OwO
New character(s) alert!

Sorry it's a little late in the day, I completely spaced posting, whoops. Was busy all day lol.
Hhhhhh oh my gosssshhhhh
Looks like Sutinku was already eager to help~ Everyone needs an unwavering friend like him, yeah?

Good luck with this year Iroku. You're gonna need it. x'D
That look of "Yeah I figured" or "Yeah I know." is strong. XD