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And yet another return by your fearless artist! x'D

A lot has changed! I have a daughter now and I'm also married! Been really busy these days!

I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for you all.
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Record speed~
Wow, I finished this page in just under 2 hours. :O I'm proud of myself! But now I'm tired, haha.

But yes, this is the plot device of this comic. xD I'll let you all guess its purpose.
@martyrex: Much appreciated!
New text!
So I downloaded the CORRECT font this time. Just a word of caution, don't use "manga temple." Use "Wild Words" if you're having trouble finding it. I know I did. D|

Page 5 will be up soon! <3
First page!
Hey, all! Thanks for checking out my comic!

This page is of lower quality just simply because it's much older (like, from 2015 I think??) but the following pages are recent and of better quality. :D

All of the ponies featured in this comic are FAN MADE. I'm still unsure if I will be showing/mentioning the main cast in the show. This is pretty much an entirely different universe.

There will be a page every week! I also have a Patreon if anyone is interested. :) Just let me know if you are and I'll start including a link in my author comments! <3 I'm a mother, as well, so any support is appreciated and will help a lot!
Page number two~! I had fun with this one. :D

In the next page this strange being will be explained. =3=b
There's something oddly creepy about dat sheep. e n e
It's so sexy!
Hey guys, just a little V-day crack comic pic for you. I did this on Join.Me while a couple of my friends watched. It was a riot to make. xD

Enjoy, even though I really loathe the holiday. |D
I can't wait for the next update. ;u;

I just hope you don't loose any more. ;A;
@RoochArffer: Yeah, I'm still going on about my business with the Dark Brotherhood. I'm taking on the Thieves Guild first though. That's easier in my opinion. xD May as well do one list of chores before piling on another sub-plot. xD I swear it's like chores on steroids...But...they're fun chores. xD
That's what I thought. |D
Just yesterday I finally finished the storyline and was about to fight an elder dragon. I died and totally forgot about my Call of Valor shout...OTL
Pfff...this is my strategy against Elder Dragons. *shiver*

Elder Dragon: "RAWR IMMA EAT YOU! D:<"
Goddamn I want a juice box now. xDDDD

I left for a long time and WOW I had some catching up to do! Now I must wait. Again. |D Keep up the good -- no -- FANTASTIC work~!
I'm so proud of myself that I made it before my Feb. 15th personal deadline. >u<

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it. ;u;
Woo! Black Flame Academy is finally getting online~! And now it's actually going to be updated every Saturday from now on.

If for any reason I don't update on a Saturday, I'll most likely be busy with reality, so I'll update with two pages the following Saturday. -3-b

Please enjoy this labor of love that has taken me five years to get up and going. ^^;
Quit exclaiming and help him already! D:<

...waitaminute... what if that branch is right over a pile of leaves? He could go Assassin Creed style and just do a leap of faith. xD
Wow, just wow! I'm so impressed. ;u; I really hope you'll continue this. ^^
*click* ... *click click*

Great job! I read all the way through today~ Can't wait for an update. >u<
@TheDarkAngel: Yup, she's so counter-productive that way. |D
Hnng, moar! ;A; *shot* This is so great...I have a higher respect for Oasis. I really like her. ;u; I was like xxFroggxx. I didn't like her at first but now...she's so cool. ;u; Keep it up!
A little more progress.
Huzzah, I have a new page. xD *shot* Actually, I might be releasing BFA earlier than mid-February. Especially since I really only have to work on a page a week. I dunno, I'll see~ Anyway, enjoy this new addition for what it's worth.