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And yet another return by your fearless artist! x'D

A lot has changed! I have a daughter now and I'm also married! Been really busy these days!

I look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for you all.
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hhhhh--so cute!
Don't underestimate nerds -- they're the ones who rule the world eventually hahah!
Aww, I feel warm and fuzzy! <3 I love reading and commenting! <3
@ashashiSAN: Yeah, that's the thing about job searching. I wish employers would at least call back saying no? It's better to not waste peoples' time. I hope you get a good one soon!
@ashashiSAN: Awww so cute! I recently revamped my first comic! ^u^ 10 years in the making hahaha--
@ashashiSAN: I know the feeling! My computer died recently too!! T_T
- Hilty. Probably.
Oh Em Goodness!!
I just binged this whole thing and I'm so excited to see what comes next! <3
I'll check it out!~ :D I'm currently addicted to an Otome title called Mystic Messenger~! Addicting games are so fun!
That hits me right in the feels...I was the same way even up to the catching the BF cheating...You have a comrade! It gets better, don't worry! *hugssssS*
Aww...poor Jas! T_T I don't use public transport (I drive) but our buses are never so full that people have to stand. Such a big difference, hahaha!
Right? I don't care if people hack in single player games since it only affects THEIR gameplay but when it affects others it's completely unfair and dumb.
Yay! Welcome back!!
Prob'ly dead. :I
My goodness Fu Lei's parents must be either sadistic or hilarious if they name their kid that when he's a fish-man. x'D
Oh my gosh that was beautiful. x'D At least they appreciate a great escape!
Girl's got her priorities straight. xD
I mean, he doesn't need it anymore, so--
Hahaha oh my goodness. xD Kinda makes me think of the logistics of this universe...are there cow people? Are there actual cow cows too? Hmm...