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Birds of flight
erm, i guess i like to draw and read??
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(i'm so gonna do this~)
wait I know this one!! ummmmmmm....
I dunno :O
Hotaru's drawing of her is so beautiful, and i think it's so funny that he's been human for a short time. :D
yay! comic viginity!
..erm going on...
if she's quoting the 80's she has a long way to go to reach 2011 -.-"
Those outfits are popular, hmm?
"I can read you like a book!"
...another pun???
Plus, the SECOND girl???
>.> what ever went wrong?
male or female? MALE OR FREAKIN' FEMALE??!
yes, yes it is
It reminds me as myself :3 (kinda...)
HE'S A SHRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!
oAo When did I allow him to become a Therapist????
THANK YOU! i'm glad I'm not the only one who realized that :p

oh yesh, lets use the corny-assed pick-up line -.-
yes, lets say this OUTLOUD!!!
don't worry, I prepared the grave as soon as I saw the chapter title ^^
Rin looks like the vocaloid 'Rin'!!
(btw I love this comic ^^)
Lol about time ^^
be home for dinner?!
what about lunch???? Q_Q
it clicked!
Plus, woot for eye twitch! I repeat what Yama first said.