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No comments?!?!
am i seriously the first commenter?! this page is really good even though it wasn't done like the other ones. is this a scan of a hand-drawn one? and how long does this take to do cause it's really amazing. :)
i woke up at 4 am decided to log in and saw an UPDATE!! i thought i was just seeeing things from lack of sleeps but it's really here!! this is so worth the 4 hours of sleep i got
so goddamn cute!! i wish it was yaoi ><
too cute
im one of those 'silent readers' that never comments but this page was just too cute >< since he was 16!! i really love your comic and that fact that you update makes it even better :)
i love your art!! very prtty
first thing that caught my eye was the cover. its epic
noes!!! plz update soon!
woot! first comment!! anyway love it so far. esp. the drawing. keep going!
oh this si getting really good!!! cant wait for update
you have offically won my heart with this awesomeness