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I'll fill this in later hurhur
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Heehee, oh out of shape aren't they, Walrus and Whales~ <3
Skipping class...? Tsk tsk. ...I want in.

LOL, I'm afraid who those "Peoplez" are...

Loving your artwork, especially their mouths. Oh awkward.
A crossed out 6. I see what you did there. I always makes miztakes with dates years blah.

*squeek* dun ignore me. I LUB YEW(R WORK)
*nose noisily slides down glass*
One thing I've always wondered: So gym leaders always stay in the same spot, sitting there and waiting for challengers who will beat them? I mean, can't they ever have a rain check? I mean, their love life, man. And let's say there's two trainers that day. Bummer, right? And they keep getting beaten and challenged.
COOL! you posted on my bday!! XD such a lonely post. D: poor atty. *pats attys head...and yours* :D
That's what you call manly right there... Although, rushing into a horde of Beedrills and Butterfrees isn't the best idea... But whisk her away, dear lad! ;D
I hope your days get better at the uni!! ): Positive thinking, all the way! :)
i'd be frightened if you just pulled off a whole bunch of solrocks coming out of nowhere lol XD
im loving them already <3333 loving the shine behind da tree >D
If only it works like that in real life.
the whole brent thing
LOLOL i love how she believes him. I enjoy doing that to ppl (altho its not nice) i got a friend of mine (stranger at that time) to call me Karen for 2 weeks straight in PE even though my real name was right there on my tummy. --not my name haha. love your drawings as always and the sweatdrop is sweet. thank you for update!
i love your comics, they always make my day! thank you for posting! (and keeping my smile in check) :)
:D i want that earring ;D THNX FOR the update!!! :D *super punch love* (eww. some sorta girly anime? ew. no. sorry.) *properly shakes hand* :D
I love DT. That's all that is needed to be said. :D
that was fun! i only got 10 pts. OTL with megami23 ><; D:

edit: i got 84 when i played again, and then my lil bro interupted my exclaiming that he shot a bird with his water gun! DX arghhh!!! i dun need to know about his water gun! D<
Lol!! I should try that suspender thing with my friend. she wears one all the time lol. Ushishishishishi... >>;
I think I like the girl bad guy... :D
Lol is she planning on capturing the whole entire pokemon population?! How many more extra Weedles is she aiming for? 5? 20? 100? haha! :D
And then, once she's done with the Weedle population, she's gonna go and hunt down the caterpies~ >>;
lol, the pokeball flattened when it shot out its uh... power? o.o what is that, anyways? laser beam? wth? pokemon is so advanced, now that i think about it D:
Oh god, it's going through my head. "Attack, attack attaaccccckkk!!!"
reminds me of Atticus' "Kill the rat" moment lol