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Pandapon Studio are a Spanish writer-artist team. Kamapon is a Spanish Manga Artist that started drawing many years ago. Apart from commissions (for weddings, presents, etc.), she's worked with OK Games, illustrating a Dungeons&Dragons Role Playing Game Manual - "Mercenarios de Punjar". She also collaborated with "Ars Ludica" and made the poster for the RPG "Ludo Ergo Sum" convention for their 2009 edition. Panda is in charge of the scripts and the bright ideas. He's written several short stories published in blogs and websites. Started developing Midnight Hunters three years ago, he's also writing his first novel. Together they are Pandapon Studio. For further works, visit Kamapon's website at and her DevianArt at

Currently they work on their webcomic Midnight hunters for
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The first season is finished :)
Yes, it's the first line of the opening of the showXDD
SORRRY!!!!!!! It's fixed now!!
Where are you from, Princess?? We've got it in Spanish and English
sorry for the delay, we were pretty busy yesterday and couldn't update!!
AHAHAHA no n, no relation whatsoever!
That's exactly the idea. Vicky's first impression must be that she looks like a boy.
Sorry for the hiatus!! I'll be back to uploading one page every Tuesday and Thursday!!
Happy new year everyone!!
and yet another page ^^ Thanks a lot for your support!!!
of course, :) you'll enjoy midnight hunters on smackjeeves twice a week:)
Sorry for the late update!! I had lots of work!! >_<
Early update!!

Normal page tomorrow :3
End of chapter!! =D
You can now buy the first printed volume on
Sorry!! I was SUUPER BUSY yesterday. *whimpers

To make for it, here you are: double update!!
Sorry!! I was SUUPER BUSY yesterday. *whimpers

To make for it, here you are: double update!!
double update!