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I tend not to say anything because my tone becomes very demanding and/or controlling. It's more embarrassing for me than it is to the person that I'm yelling at, I swear. >3<
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I don't like where this is.
What's with his face.
Not going anywhere.
;v; This.. this sucks.. ..Ohwell ;_;
Scary >_>
Yayaya! Another page!! > w <
Can you find all the creepers in this image?
Hahaha.. I'm kind of bored right now. Join me in being bored?
Ahaha he's so tall! Her stares just danced off his chest!
..I.. I think she should skip..

Happy New Years
lol "You're so hot, Ursule!" XD
Oh my.. What will she see?
Because L is totally the seme in this situation. <3
Awwww Light! Who knew you were such a softy.
Awwwwwhhh HaruxShiratori SHO CUTEEEE!!!!
> w <
Was he hiding the hammer in his pants?? =3=
3rd panel <3
Who is it???? X}
Haha L is a princess :D
poor watari..