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the site has moved
monday or tuesday I`ll update
like 30 pages because Im moving to a new site
is already online but as soon as I finish
adding all pilli comics to the archive I`ll create the official opening,
thanks for your support.
sorry for the lack of comments
busy-busy lately
brain dead mostly
two hours,
readings even the prehistoric comics.
you`re so brave.
thanks for your words
glad that you liked my comic.
More and less Oyer
I did a page for next month for the comicbook challenge 2007 free sampler , you can look for it in your nearest comicbook shop.

Ps thanks for the coments
fixed sorry for the problems
February 29th, 2008
thanks fixed, I really need a writer , damn you english school
because I forgot all the time
added a animation section
sorry i forgot to update
Sorry I was so busy this week.
to update
Some cool fanart from
A sexy Mona!
next.- epilogue and conclusion
I love the art of this page, thanks for reading
OK This was a real story
I read the f.a.q selected my race and that stupid computer.....
Ok Im leaving to San diego Today because Im a finalist of the comic book challenge
Vote for me I`ll post full details later
Im in San diego now Pilli adventure was elected as a finalist of the comicbook challenge you can see my pitch at 28 of july (friday here)
the conclusion wa rushed because I wanted to move into another stories so forgive me