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Like writing no I love it!
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I just had the greatest fangirl squeeeeeeeee over Modern Day Zues
I'm italian and weird do I count?
Making connections~
Yes cause that'll get her to like you. Yume kick!
NOOOO! Serialslasher why??!! The cruelty!
She wont be happy for long
Oh dear, don't you know there is no safe haven?
derp face 4tw
February 16th, 2012
MWAHAHA after months of not being connected to smackjeeves I've caught up with this comic, now on to more!
-flys away-

PS How lucky you are rune
It's a goverment conspiracy man
But but your marreid shouldn't everything be okay!? It's not supposed to be bad until after the honeymoon (sarcasm sarcasm everywhere)
It's never a dream deary
That Expresion
It's just heartwrenching! I mean JESUS just tear my heart out why don't you?
September 9th, 2011
He should've just said no
They do.... I feel so sorry for Kae
September 2nd, 2011
But you have a better derp face Gin
Oh dear....
Oh dear Kenny, I don't think she meant that
Oh my god A PAGE! (my reaction)