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I love me some vidgeegames, technology, nature, and the music of life and following it's rhythm. I enjoy taking time to relax, sightsee, hang out w mah buddies, all that good stuff!

The way I see it is even if you gotta grin and bear it, you're still grinning!
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Ow... he got kicked so hard it spelled it out in the sky.
"Link he heard you talking!" lol!
lol Love the look on Jack's face in panel 3
I think the chapstik says something on it really small but my eyes fail me! lol
So many funny subtle/not so subtle jokes in this one.
I like your take on the way a light god would look... why would a warrior look all clean and shiny and perfect if it was a war?
Awesome... totally wasn't expecting that.
That'd be funny if his outfit was pink or purple all a sudden, lol...
Love his face in panel 2 :P
At least I can still read the bubbles... baaahahaha
I love the way everything looks in panel 3, including Link's expression. :)
Love the little ice pack and band aid on Navi's head XD
I have a theory that the platform isn't actually affected by gravity, but it stays in the air based on how much ego it has on it. :P
I think Zach just wants to curl up in a corner after all that's happened to him the past several comics, lol....
Yeah... Sesmic is one of my favorites now. Throwing someone BY THE FACE = awesome. Plus, he just looks awesome.

Funny how easily he snaps in and out of a rage, lol.
... and suddenly, vases all across the land inexplicably shuddered in fear... :P
+ for Mido putting the loser sign the wrong way, lol

Either that or he's squishing Link's head :P
heh heh... the Wind Breakers...

er... nevermind
Somebody have a taco?