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January 18th, 2015
Hey there! Just read through the comic and.. I love your art. Looking forward to more of it! I really love Cal, both design and character wise aha. Can't wait to find out more about him.
Awww I'm glad Roy's gotten to know some friends (and maybe someone more than that? ;D)
Eagerly anticipating the next chapter
How cute~
Oooh how exciting~
I'm really enjoying your story! :) Can't wait to find out Saya and Rose's connection~
October 3rd, 2012
I started reading this yesterday and its such a good story you've got! And man this page! I know hes a bad guy, but Dewlyn is so cute, and I feel so bad for Siren :C Keep up the great job, I love reading this ^.^
Yay the journey begins!
I really like how you have it all start out and give a reason for not using the LG team. Glad you chose Totodile! You can never go wrong with her IMO.
Lol Athenas attitude XD Especially when she talked to Lulu. Athenas cruising for a bruising at this rate!
lol critical hit. Poor Pi D:
And thanks for the tumblr link! *follows*
Pea looks so cute as a Servine~
!!! O-Oh my Adrian~ I was not expecting this XD Pleasant surprise lol
Mimis so adorable~ And i love how you portray N XD
EEE Its out~ definitely getting >3>
As for favorite character I just LOVE Riona. Shes so cute and I really like how you made her have a scary voice. She also thinks about others and doesn't speak around other people in fear that they'll think shes scary/weird. Thats just so thoughtful and kind of her. Shes just such an endearing character and so adorable ^//^
This looks interesting so ill be keeping my eye on it ^^ I like your drawing style~
"The jig is up! Im not your psychologist. Im just a psycho~" Is what came to mind.
I really like this page C: The mother looks so happy and cute XD
Uh Oh. Im guessing the side effect is it attracts zombies.
Angela used Attract! It's super effective!
Daww Gray. How sweet~
Wow Ann. Overreacting much? ^^;
I thought that before I scrolled down. Dear god I love you.
I get that too :T At least you're taller than me! I'm 4'7...