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New to drawing (at least consistently) for a comic, much less a webcomic. Been drawing stick-figure comics with no plot ever since the seventh grade, and now I'm actually putting all that practice to work. My two friends Typhon and Takio and I write the comic Special Zombie. It's pretty new, though, and doesn't have that many updates yet. But, yeah. That's it.
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    Tyler T Duck
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I don't even know...
I wanted him to do "Free Bird" but nooooo, he decided he wanted an obscure Metallica song. That bastard.
Oh, irony. It indeed tastes much like pizza.
I actually did that when I moved to the new house. 'Cept it was my impossibly large amount of Legos. I made a throne with a cupholder.
Now with Color!
It took a while, yes. But I finally figured out the best way to color these things! :D Now, to get better at it...
Can it be... Takio?!
You'll have to wait til the next update! Muahahahahaha!
Oh, and if you didn't already know, the hooded figure is Typhon, one of the other authors.