bunch of women couldn't do it, but don't worry the men will get it done while she stays in the kitchen lol....
soooooo with all the guys locked up, does that make her single?
Gotta have purple somewhere, its a tradition at this point.
Probably the biggest necro post ever
"this brings my blood to a boil"

Also just change the parasite to a Kamui from Kill La Kill.
Check back later? He'll never find that room again.
umm wat?
@Shard: I'm fabulous actually~
Hey only shard can call me that~ =P

Wub Wub.
Well a least we can always count on the usual bouts of favoritism.
Meh needs more work too not look like Shadow out of a bad sitcom.
That pigeon toed stance makes him seems timid.
I have a few questions actually, Was this a recent change or has it always been like this since you came here (smackjeeves)? also was their surgery and stuff involved? if so what was the cost on that? I've pondered a similar decision from time to time. >.>
No...its his new character zetta only without the A.
I was expecting some Evanescence song TBH.

Glad to see you saw things through to the end tho.

I'm assuming this is one of those "if my death will bring you peace then so be it..." type moments as a sense of Redemption for her actions.
April 10th, 2013
April 8th, 2013
do these giant Wave gun attacks even do damage?
April 5th, 2013
in before katai stops her with a hug
March 18th, 2013
She must have received the same training as storm troopers.