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all stats in to charisma first to increase ur chances, then flirt with the twins. Ur a prince after all.
I think what makes these hard to read is the white stroke is thicker then the font itself giving the illusion of blurriness.
is this where the chicken tendies poses are from?
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: buying blue ray in 2000+17 not streaming or cloud hosting.
Wasn't it cause huge portions were lost to majhost anyway?
I wonder how the admins of smackjeeves feel that so many people treat their comic site as free image hosting and Deviant Art galleries.
@kwane: I dont wanna get DMCA'd
Take his bike like a real n**ga would
Playing the inferior Smash game, lol..
@Bringer_of_light: thats more plot discussion then Chivalry got.
Me rejoining? SAZ truly is living the darkest timeline. Sounds like you guise need my help anyway. =P

@Bringer_of_light: I didnt want to get in the way.
Trying to distract me from bre's hair
I was gonna join the SAZ ball Z arc but it went by so fast. (had some ideas's for the hell tournament lol RIP)

who needs discord when we still have XAT chat and the good old Saz forums from invisionfree. (also RIP)

I havent been relevant since {mute} ended and that one comic went on hiatus after chapter 209 August 22nd, 2014, 3:18 pm (RIP in peace)

But I guess I can come back after all these years of retirement.
@The Magnificent Z: This one is an author here and is more "vintage" (cat)

@Smiffy SMF <3: Not having a car? implying Im not racing in the invisible boat mobile I'm borrowing.

Leaving a long standing SAZ member in the dust I see. Technically Malice (and camtro?) aren't on the sprite page and shard hasn't appeared in ages either.

Honestly I dont even know how I got here over half a decade ago. *shrug* /S
No one gonna comment on Bre's hair being black and red now?

Why am I not in the intro?
Isn't he a bird?
@The Magnificent Z: Not like main characters dont already die horribly. Ex. Saz Nitro
I like where this is going.