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Yeah, you should make a page telling everybody to go vote. Why do you currently only have 13 votes??? This is too good of a web comic to not get into, at the very least, the top three.

And yay! You guys are coming to Vancouver again! I missed it last time D:.
LOVE his new hair cut. Looks more like a man and less like an imitation of a girl.
D'aaawww dick move, Shuno! He looks so distraught... Please please say you'll add another character to be his lover so he can feel better????

And I don;t know where this came from, but for some reason I kind of see Colt as an uke.... wtf? I think it's the last panel...
OH MY GOD! I remember Team Rocket cutting off and selling the slowpoke tail for an insane amount of money... I really wanted to buy one too D:
Cos & Effect
You guys gonna be at UBC for the convention? When/Where will you be?
Gyaaaa HEADBUTT POWER!! Aww last panel sadness....Loving it, please update soon <3
Gahahaaaa (nosebleed). I don't mind the sketchyness, I think it adds a lot of character to the story! And uhmmm.... I hope you update soon <3
Why'd you ever have to stop here??? Light = sexy bottom. Point made. Really loving the story, please keep it coming.
OHH such drama! Can't wait to find out who wins!
HOLY CRAP!! He has a hidden blade~!
D': I want give Mitchie hug!
Bwhhahah, obviously a great way to show someone is bling is by making them piss in between the urinals! Love the derp face. And did anyone else get 'Watchmen' from the smiley face insignia thing? Can't wait to see where this is going!
CUUTE! It suits him. Great colouring!
Gah I hate posting comments since I look like a noob with no avatar, but I love this too much! A really original idea too, most side-kicks get overlooked! Simon = Cutest thing ever that walked on earth ever. Ever. I love the panels with Simon and his dad's relationship! cute Father -cute son relationships = cute. A vampire? SUPERHEROVAMPIRE=YESH!!
YAY! Such beautiful work! The art is unique (aka awesome) and the plot is different (aka not mainstream aka delicious). Don't worry about procrastination; it happens to the best of us! Like Leonardo da Vinici! Great accomplishers should have the freedom of relaxation! Anyway, I look forward to the next page!
Amazing reaction!
EpiC! He's my one of my favourite characters in this comic!
WOW this comic has beautiful line art / toning! Bravo, can't wait for the next update!