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I would be Veigue, but if you would really like to know...

Name: Aiwethryne/Maika/Dawn
Birthday: March 22
Age: Approx. 2 million. I'm older than dirt~
Hobbies: Doodling, writing, reading, video gaming, sleeping, not dying

While I actually work better traditionally than digitally, the programs I use for my manga and other art are GIMP and SAI paint tool.

If there are any spelling or grammatical errors in any of my projects, please feel free to drop a comment on the page or private message me~ I shall correct them in due time. *w*bb

Happy Reading~
*chomps your head* And I believe you when you say it takes forever to color. But with it being you, forever is not so forever. 8D *gazes forever and a day~~~~~~*
I... must... *gets mauled by Ki* But, yay~~~~ The pages are just so shiny! I... I... *hides from Ki in Kai's hair* Since you mentioned in DREAM that you forgot something, I took the liberty of saving the image beforehand to compare the two. *evil Maika*

Can't wait for the next installment of both this and Eye Hunters~~ And stop saying you can't draw BGs, silly Kai! *-*999999
*clings to Ki's head* I wish I could tone hair that well... *fails at toning in general*

;w; It looks like he aged ten years in the second panel. *dies from strange thoughts* And LOL That bed of rocks must be uncomfortable to rest against.
ewe I just adore Yume-chan's O3O face.

..........How can you say that I draw BGs better than you??! *shakes Kai and stares at first panel in awe* I don't even know what buildings look like. DDD:

Oh~ By the way~~ You already heard me say this on DREAM, but... I SEE THAT NEW BANNER. *makes grabby hands*
I love you, Mr. Baldie~~~ ;w; *gets shot by Ki and Kai*
Yes... I am a terrible person. *coughsnothinghappenedcoughs*

*curls into a ball and rolls under a rock*
It just gets better and better! ;w; You made me learn that with you, I need to save your pages, or else you will delete them into oblivion... *-*999999
*kicks lighting* D:

It looks like something poisonous is wafting toward her from around the corner... Run for your life, child! *gets shot by Ki* Ahh... The many panels of her... Anyway, I really want to make her look cuter and younger... It's not working out so well. >_> She just keeps looking weirder and/or older. Making her semi-chibi just makes her look chubby. XD;;

...Fragmented sentences always sound strange in my mind...
XDD Yesh~ "Compensation" sounds better than whatever I was prattling on about earlier. Can't wait to see these pages in a new way~ Ran just looks so manly in the beginning pages. *runs away and gets shot*
>_> *fails everyone* She looks different with every time I draw her... *gets shot* She doesn't even have things on her shelf.
That was the worst page transition ever... =3= Well, she woke up. There. *stares at derpy face* And I'm so sorry that the update was late... *gets killed and revived to be put back to doing stuff*
Inked... so... many (not really) branches. *dies on Ki's head*
*sits on Ki's head*
LOL Ki. I would think that the closest proper English equivalent for "medicine money" would be "insurance." I guess that it's meant to be the idea that if a primary person does an injury to a secondary person, the primary person will have to use his or her assets pay up for all the pain and suffering inflicted on the secondary person.
"OMG! You scrapped off a few of my precious skin cells! You must PAY (aka get beaten up in bully language)!"

Silly bully people... @w@ *3* =w= I totally fail at only getting to read this at the last page...
Chapter 1: I Am Anything But Useful
This is the chapter one cover for the manga version of To Where I Belong, written by Ki Hiwatari and drawn by me, Aiwethryne. Featured here is the main protagonist Alya~ =w=
I highly despise cell shading, yet that is exactly what I had done for the majority of this. The flowers looked strange without hard lines... so I removed the one in her hair. @n@ I still have much to do to live up to my lovely Ki's standards!