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Lovee the look of this page.
The colors, the angles, their facal expressions‚̧

And what a cliffhanger to have on the printed version, would want to read more immediately!
Hiro stand up for urself!
Show them ur just not a piece of meat!
You're not a prize to be won!

Then again it is a pretty suprising situation to be in...
Which is why I love Hiro's face in the first panel
Gosh, she is the cutest mom! <3
January 22nd, 2016
Ahh wish I had a sister like Vicky <3
January 22nd, 2016
Jamie why are you so darn cute, why ;A;<3

Those pear computers though. I really want one myself now B)
January 22nd, 2016
Vivian and Spinelli seem like such a cute couple though <3

Haha Landon sending out so much love with his tiny hearts x)
This page looks beautiful!
Love his expression especially.
Everytime I look there is a new update and that just makes me smile. Thank you!

You are so quick tho! Every page looks really good too so idk how you do it ...
Thank you for ur hard work !
Ahh I always gets so excited when you update! Really looking forward to see how this turns out :D
Seeing what Hiro sees I completely understand his fears. Honestly, I'm a bit scared looking at it myself.

Takashi let him shit in peace, he will get constipation knowing you are lurking that close.
Very subtle Takashi I have to say.

Look at the sparkles in his eyes.
How could Hiro ever have broken eye contact with those eyes, I dare say I will never know.

Looking forward to seeing more! :D
December 23rd, 2015
The end got me laughing. Well I can't wait to see how this will go! :D
There goes my heart Dx
Stolen by their adorable interactions <3
Daniel is the cutest thing I ever seen ; A ;
Which is what I tell myself everytime I see a new page with him. I can't handle it.

The more we get to see of Mia and Daniels friendship the more I love it!