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Player Z
I love orange juice :3 and glowy/shiny things like electricity!
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P.S I like your username electric eel
@ElectricEel: I'm a year late to reply but you replied to a comment 2 years older than your reply so I'm sure you'll bare with me.

These terms aren't about representation, they are about making the mundane feel special by giving it a fancy label that doesn't need to exist. Also representation isn't really all that important. If your characters are good then they are good. It's kind of shallow to only look at what they are and if they don't look like you or have the same sexual preference then you then apparently it's not enough for you to relate to a good character? I appreciate the author for actually making their own stuff instead of pushing others to change their stuff.
>Go in anyway and gain Bp from the new blob
I'm not sure if this comic is supposed to be a commentary, a parody, or a comedy. You must be a little self aware as to what you're doing and yet...
Remember when halloween was about being scary? Nah me neither.
It's youtube, everyone is talked down to until they build a fanbase
Player Z
October 23rd, 2016
>Decipher the writing on the wall.
@MasterComic: lol my bad at this point I started skimming
What is taxi being filled up with?
Zapping sounds good.
This taxi is more impressive than I gave it credit for.
The ground may get walked over all the time but it's no pushover.
I thought the lightning was striking the other half of our mustache
New party member! cool, we needed a white mage.
I like flyingtoast's style
What about the infirmary?
LOL the king, no one would ever suspect it XD