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I love orange juice :3 and glowy/shiny things like electricity!
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>Go in anyway and gain Bp from the new blob
I'm not sure if this comic is supposed to be a commentary, a parody, or a comedy. You must be a little self aware as to what you're doing and yet...
Remember when halloween was about being scary? Nah me neither.
It's youtube, everyone is talked down to until they build a fanbase
Player Z
October 23rd, 2016
>Decipher the writing on the wall.
@MasterComic: lol my bad at this point I started skimming
What is taxi being filled up with?
Zapping sounds good.
This taxi is more impressive than I gave it credit for.
The ground may get walked over all the time but it's no pushover.
I thought the lightning was striking the other half of our mustache
New party member! cool, we needed a white mage.
I like flyingtoast's style
What about the infirmary?
LOL the king, no one would ever suspect it XD
That is the luckiest spy ever lol