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How did you come up with the character outfits? Also would you be willing to make the Anubis charm for purchase? I'd love one to remind me to keep studying!
Also def gift 2.
Wow, 5 years already! That's insane(in a good way)!

They should go on a camp trip and enjoy a cookout next to the fire!
What is Momo hiding?
I LOVE Pogo!!!!!!! You should post a quick reminder saturday or friday about the facebook thing, cause I want to do it, but I tend to forget :)
January 2nd, 2012
Enyo and Puppy boy would be cute :)
OPTION 2!!!!!!
Awwww, poor dog. Tell him/her you adore him/her and give your dog as many hugs as possible from me :) I hope your dog recovers super quickly!
September 7th, 2011
COMMENT VIRGINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ice Age was exactly what I was thinking of when I saw this page!!!! Kudos to you for the excellent art and story line!
wow O.o
I'm amazed by the quality of all the pages (no sarcasm). How long did it take for you to draw and color everything?!?!?!?
Awwwwww, he's waking :D
hermaphroditic boys take advantage of comedic aliens to unite the warring kingdoms........

evil angels betray furry ronin without even realizing it......
the second one could easily be the plot line behind a story of the furry ronin getting revenge.
Unbroken Contract or Black Decade!
random ?
If a person has animal ears (i.e. Praxis), would they also have human ears too?
SHE'S A DUDE!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE Disturbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was singing along with the written lyrics :D
Do whatever works for you! Now . . . FIND THAT WRITER AND DEMAND AN ANSWER!!!!!
I can see the whole page, but I have to scroll over, since the page is too big to see without scrolling over (I hope that was clear . . . )
WTF?!?!?!? THAT'S JIGGLY?????? I WISH I HAD ABS LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besides that, I definitely want to tell you that this comic is AMAZING!!!!!!! That random dude stares at them like Alan was giving Draco a blow job on the street :D
ahahahaha, same here. Snow could be doing so many naughty things with that broom :D
oh, there's nothing to worry about. Hakakku gets eaten by Chain verrrrry often, and sometimes Chain gets eaten instead . . . . *smirk*