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I am perfection personified. I'm liquid awesome.
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Send Message what panel four is saying, is that Darcy is weak after all.
@Guest: Nuh-uh! We saw him just a couple days ago!


(In canon)
Noah's last line is spoken like someone who has never cooked/eaten a proper well-done steak in their life, and that is the saddest thing I can imagine someone having to live through.... T_T

People, find you someone who knows how to cook a well-done steak! You owe it to yourself to make that Herculean journey! We're a dying breed, but we are out there! A well-done steak, done properly, is juicy and amazing!

I shed tears every night knowing that the majority of the steak-eating world has never experienced this...
@Golb989: The joke is that Murphy's Law went into effect XD
@TheOneEnnui: Could also be from Conker's Bad Furday...

BOTH seem equally likely when it comes to her, now that I think about it lol
@Scandinavian: When it launches ;)
I check it the same way, to be honest lol
@Hope: ..except for Jerry. He's being turned into an American comics villain xDD
This is adorably funny
@Adkead80 : I believe we were talking about morning and how good it was?? o.O
@JinxazuMarai: Her eye is probably a mutant whale baby or something, if that's the case XD
Looking back on this strip after being caught up, it's funny how roles have changed in certain ways~
@cakehole69: I could easily see it be an Erza costume of some sort.
"It was a boring conversation anyway!"
("It's TOUCHING me...!")
@Malc Modnar: SOMEBODY reads 'Manly Men'-!~ ;)
September 26th, 2016
Is Darcy a futa? I can't remember if that was established or not early if so...
Meaningful second panel background there~!