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Lessee, find me at deviantArt as novemcauda-pfenix to chat as much as you want!

I draw a lot of cartoony things. Like pokemon. And animals.

So that name up there? It's not really my legal name. It may one day become my legal name, but for now, nah.

Also, I do a lot more art/animations on my YouTube channel. You can find me as 'Cathulhu' there.
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happy america day have a page i know it's late

also i just thumbnailed the next part of the first chapter and it's 26 pages and the first chapter's not even done yet whoops.
not sure what to say here. tried to put some more action in each page at this point.
@Huaqas: so basically i moved all of my art files into an external hard drive except i forgot to move my documents into a folder that only had comic pages before moving them. i then spent most of my time frantically going through only comic pages before giving up and then opening some old folders last week to find the plot document sitting there. it was a good moment, i will say.

@LKWayvern: ahhh i'm so sorry for making you guys wait for so long ;w;

@Flamelight7: i don't know about 'awesome' but i'll try!
gaze upon this shading style

this will be the style that i try to use for the rest of the comic

though cell-shading is also fun?

idk man
hello hi i am so sorry for leaving for so long! i just started and finished my first year of college and it was quite the wild ride but the real reason why i disappeared was that i lost my plot file for this comic and just now rediscovered it. so here we are :)

i will be uploading every other day as best as i can until the first chapter is finished, as i have much more time to draw now. after this first chapter, i will disappear to finish the second chapter and then release that all at once as well. it's a system that works much better for me, and i hope that you can respect that decision.
@Wolfmist @Maka152 Yee what Maka says be the truth :)

And thank you, Wolf!
@Maka152: I might make a separate page detailing the older plots :P Perhaps after this first chapter is done
@Maka152: The old versions of this comic were completely different plotwise to this one. I don't know if you'd want to see those...
@catfire13: Aww, why do your eyes hurt D: that's not good at all!
With fossils of pokemon long since dead and a meteor from the heavens, the humans manufactured their own legendaries. Their creations could not hope to compete against the godly forces at work, but they could at least attempt to defend themselves.

The humans were wrong.

Enraged by their creators' selfish wishes of life, the newest legends turned on their 'masters' and immediately laid waste to the human population. People began to die by the millions under their vengeful gaze, and soon Yveltal wrapped them up under his influence to fight against Xerneas with him. The two abominations meant to save the mortal universe, Innaturale Cometes and Innaturale Cimex, the Unnatural Comet and Unnatural Insect, turned on the mortals that tried to fight against it.

More legends had sprouted from the godly bloodshed. The tiny Pixies, as they were called, called out to their counterparts and pleaded on the Earth's behalf. Finally seeing the carnage of their ways and yet refusing to cease the fighting, the legends grudgingly decided that their war was too destructive for the planet they were meant to protect.

No one knows which legend first decided to try, but soon, armies of mortal pokemon, no more than twenty in each, soon began to attack one another under a legend's flag. Now the world is swept up in a war that we believe will become practically eternal, with no other way to live on this planet.

This war-torn planet of gods and destruction is where our story begins. We don't know who our readers are. You may be from the distant future, finally reading our archives. You may be from a more peaceful alternate universe. Regardless, gaze upon our story and pray that you don't make our mistakes.



Dialga and his creations, The Three Beings, Mewtwo, Celebi

Palkia and her creations, The Tao Trio (split from the Original Dragon while the Battle of the Moon was happening), Regi Golems


The Moons, Giratina and his creations, Victini and her creations, The Pixies (except for Celebi), Mew, Arceus

While the Battle of the Moons is still ongoing, it does not pertain to the major war in Earth, and thus there is no documentation of their alliances with either earthly faction at this time.

What Arceus hadn't realized was that granting Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina the right to create life meant that they could then grant that power onto their own creations. Soon, Lugia and Ho-Oh had created for themselves their own captains. Our myths do not name them, and so they keep their ancient names secret, but the battles between Raikou, Suicune, and Entei and Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres have been laid out in various media. Their wars raged through the land and sky, and not even Rayquaza could cease their fighting. The raw power that the legendaries exuded gave rise to a new creation, with a slightly different timeline, an intrusion into space, and an absence of nothingness. It is that white sphere which we behold every night called the Moon, and with its creation came the creation of two new figures. She, of the colors and light, was called Lux Lunae or Light Moon, and he of the shadows and darkness was called Tetra Luna, or Dark Moon. These two figures are now known to us as Cresselia and Darkrai, two fearsome rivals that constantly duel through the cosmos. Giratina was angered by this intrusion into his sphere of influence and decided to keep the two busy and prevent them from entering into the earth-bound war. He sent each of them a twin dragon, Rufus Anima and Caerulus Anima, Red Soul and Blue Soul. Once the twins got there, though, they refused to fight one another and halted the war in a stalemate, with the two twins serving as messengers from earth to moon from then on.

Mew and Victini watched the destruction of their world with saddened eyes. More legends had somehow surfaced, though they were barely imbued with the power of the mythological creators of the world. Even more saddening to them was the mass death that was occurring throughout the lands. Mortals were dying before Yveltal could claim their souls and Xerneas could heal them to the point where Xerneas blamed Yveltal for the wide number of deaths. The great creature adamantly refused to believe it could have been his presence, and the two began their own fierce battles.

Even more mortals died from that strife, helpless against the wrath of the gods.

Finally, one day, the humans of the world decided to make a stand, one that could result in their annihilation-- or their living.
@LKWayvern: This story is so huge that it needs its own creation mythology n_n
@GrovyleGoodbye128: That works too :P
@MegaMiner71: Compared to some other monstrously confusing webcomics on the internet that sometimes even require the author going back and explaining how everything fits together (coughcoughhomestuckcough), I'd say that it's more of an enlightening experience of 'I REMEMBER THAT OMG IT ALL CLICKS TOGETHER NOW' for me. There are little details that seem like throwaways at one point that you just remember for whatever reason and they all come back around later in the story, and I personally think that's rly cool :)
@Maka152: ahhh thanks for your support! This is a five-part story that will be uploaded until launch day :D (also don't be surprised by that favorite count this is literally the third time I tried to write this comic and now I finally have a firm grip on what I want it to be)
It started when Palkia spoke of needing someone to help her mind the space. Arceus granted her the ability to create for herself life forms, and so she created a great sea creature to mold the water to the world and a silver winged being to help her rule them. These creations were known as Saeviente Oceano and Unda Ascensorem, or Kyogre, Fury of the Ocean, and Lugia the Wave Rider.

Dialga saw her creations and slowly grew jealous of her power. He demanded from Arceus the same power to carve for himself his own creatures, ones that would balance out the great waterpower that Palkia created. Arceus decided to give the powers of creation to both Dialga and Giratina, so the three would forever be balanced and never be able to overpower one another. Dialga immediately seized the power and created a huge beast whose footsteps resurfaced land from waves and a bird whose wing-flap could calm the fiercest of the sea's storms. The ancient ones called these two Terra Procreentor and Spero Iridis, but our modern tongues have created for us Groudon, the Land Raiser, and Ho-Oh, the Rainbow's Hope. Giratina watched his siblings' petty argument give birth to such magnificent creatures and merely shook his head, refusing to create more just to settle their arguments.

Groudon and Kyogre fell into a miniature war with one another, seeing their opposite to be ruining their purposes in life. Wherever Groudon walked, he reversed Kyogre's oceans, and wherever Kyogre cast his eye, he sunk Groudon's continents back underwater. Finally, the two began to duel for real, shooting earth spikes and tidal waves at each other, earnestly trying to kill the other. Finally, Giratina acquiesced and created a huge serpent with the power to end storms and bring rains, casting Groudon and Kyogre's power into a stalemate. In ancient times, this savior from those that shaped the earth was called Vento Iniuria, and now he is called Rayquaza, the Wind's Outrage. Groudon and Kyogre settled down enough to cease fighting, though their animosity between one another still boils to this very day.

However, Arceus was more than angered by the destruction of his creations' creations. Countless mortals had died from being drowned or asphyxiated by huge waves and being forced above water. He decreed that certain mortals would be given the power of logical thinking and an inventiveness that would protect the other creatures. These mortals were known as Humanity, and with their ingenuity they crafted vessels with which to capture the others and be able to train them to their full potential. To assist these new humans, Arceus created a trio of tiny pixies embodying emotion, willpower, and knowledge, three traits that only the best of humans would be able to fully master. The three pixies, Ens Scientiam, Ens Abstinentia, and Ens Adfectus, soon became beacons of hope for the new humans, who dubbed them Uxie, Being of knowledge, Azelf, Being of Willpower, and Mesprit, Being of Emotion respectively.

However, as the world aged, so did the creations, and many began to fade as their bodies fell to time's toll. From their deaths arose a creation that none of the creators intended: Pharus Mortalis, now called Yveltal, Beacon of Death. With his birth also came another, she with broad, strong antlers that brimmed with vitality, Frondes Ligni Vitae, now called Xerneas, Branches of Life. She saw that all lives were appreciated and loved until it came time to send them to Yveltal's outstretched wings.

The world spun on, not knowing that it was getting closer and closer to its falling apart.
"We must create for ourselves others to fulfill our smaller roles so we can focus on the more important ones."

The other two did not understand. Were they not the creators, and, by extension, the ones that should become masters of their creations? But the first's logic, that they would have an easier time with more eyes, soon won them over, and they set to work creating the children that would soon help them command their world.

The first created beings and imbued them with elements from the world that he could not himself control. His firstborn was a being to control time, who could see all pasts and futures, ready to step in at a moment's notice. In ancient times, he was called Praefectus Tempore, and now we know him as Dialga, Commander of Time. His secondborn was a creature who commanded space, taking over the Void from which the world had been created and given the power to create more Voids as well as reduce them. She was called Spacium Tractatori once, but now she is Palkia, Space's Manipulator. His thirdborn and his last became master of all that the other two were not, ruler over lands with a lack of space and a lack of time. He was created to be the counterbalance to the other two, a constant presence that forced them to keep working and not abuse their new responsibilities. In ancient times, the thirdborn was known as Ille Ex Nihila, but now he is Giratina, He of Nothingness.

The second creator sought first to create another of herself, one with the same strengths and the same gentleness. The resulting creation was everything that she was not: a large, angered being that hated being the second in anything. She did not spite him his ire and instead chose to make him her commander, nullifying his rage and directing his indomitable strength towards making sure the creatures did not destroy one another. He was once called Vincens Umbra but is now known as her second, Mewtwo the Conquering Shadow. The second creator saw her mistake with the first and strove instead to create a being who could walk about the world, communing to the creatures, and serving as their protector. This secondborn was once called Custos Gigans but is now called Regigigas, the Guardian Giant. Finally, the second creator saw a need for one who could change life on a whim, altering perceptions with a flick of her wrist and giving the world a sense of uncertainty, but one who could also harness her power as easily as unchaining herself. This thirdborn was called Ligatus Incerto and her other self Solutos Incerto, and now she is known as Hoopa, Bound and Unbound Uncertainty.

The third creator saw that the creatures she gave a purpose of living sometimes didn't act in the noble way she once hoped they would. To inspire them to new heights, she created for herself what she intended to be three but ended up being four. Collectively, the ancient ones called them Gladiis Iustitiae, the Swords of Justice, led by Caerulus Gladio and also including Brunneis Gladio, Viridi Gladio, and Nostri Gladio. Now we know them as Cobalion the Blue Sword, Terrakion the Brown Sword, Virizion the Green Sword, and Keldeo, who is known as Our Sword for being the one most closely associated with the common creatures of the World. The third creator also decided that the world needed another creature to show them true balance and created what the ancient ones called Primum Draco, the First Dragon.

These new creations performed their jobs well, making the world continue on peacefully while also giving the three creators the respite they needed in order to continue furthering the world. Life was good.

One day, it all changed.
Five days until launch! I thought I'd take these final few days as a chance to give you guys some background about this story.


Once, where our world is, there was nothing. The nothingness flowed evermore, never changing. Then, from the nothingness, three beings arose.

One, a white figure with an unearthly chain of yellow surrounding it, decided that the nothingness was to be no more and created our world by forming it with his sheer power. He underestimated the weight of the world, however, and had to grow in order to fully hold up the world on his shoulders. Though in ancient times he was known as Aedifex Mundi, we know him today as Arceus, the Architect of the World.

The second, a small, sprite-like pink light, saw the first's creation and admired its beauty. She became saddened by the lack of life on the lonely world and decided to populate it. With her breath she gave life to strange creatures that rose from the sands that cloaked what remained of the nothingness. She gave them a home on the world that the first created, showing them how to survive in the wilderness of the new world. In the ancient times, she was called Matrium Omnium, but today, she is known as Mew, Mother of All.

The third was a golden-red flame that didn't know what she could contribute to the world. It was large enough to support many, and many had been provided. Finally, she saw that the new creatures, the second's children, had no fire in their stomach to tempt them to live their lives to their fullest. She kindled the flames of justice and victory in their cores, giving them their reasons to live. In ancient times, she was called Flammis Victoria, but now we call her Victini, the Flames of Victory.

The three coexisted peacefully with their world for a time until the first found himself burdened by his creation. He couldn't bear to hold it by himself for any longer. As he strained against the weight of the world, he tried to think of ways to alleviate the onus he bore. Finally, he came up with a solution and called to him the two others.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: ...if I have the refs still xD I've switched over to another computer in the months that I worked on this revamp for and some of my files have vanished.