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Onasuma you spicy hot babe!

I mean..


Anyways, Onasuma, please pleease get a program that does your drawings justice and not jags the outlines.
'Dis not funnt, 'dis sad!

I made this some days ago, depressed by the happenings at Virginia Tech (though it is not related to them).

My heart goes to the victims of crazy people all over the world.
Lines are much less shaggy, which is neat.

I wish I knew Latin better*, but that is one cool fact. A cookie for even knowing that. Also, I think the gas mask came out nicely.

*Or new Latin at all.
Yeah yeah...
Yeah, I know I've been gone from my non-existent audience for some time. But fear not! Stupid excuse incoming.

Well, I have been without internet for the latest days, only able to get on in brief periods.

In other news, some of the work coming up soon is not going to be humorous.
As usual, thanks to Andor for adding the text.

This is my personal favourite to date.
I hope you read my advice in my comment for the earlier comic, and hope you will think it over.

Without meaning to be rude, I will have to agree that this is not exactly the best of your strips, as it is really confusing. I have yet to find out who says what, even though the talk-bubbles points at people's heads. Also, ain't the jumping guardsman in panel four supposed to be happy?
April 9th, 2007
Why, thank you. I hope that's a sign of admiration. [/flattery]
April 9th, 2007
And as always, thanks to Andor for texting.
April 9th, 2007
Yeah, this one probably needs a bit of explaining.

This is copy/pasted from my chat with my texting slave, Andor:

Apple's motto is visibly an idication of that people should think in new ways and try new things. Or that's how I myself interprete it.

If you still don't understand, bombs are not a traditional way of solving problems. Alas, thinking different would involve new (a.k.a. untraditional) methods of solving problems.

If you still don't understand, die.
I kind of like this webcomic, but as you probably know, Paint is not very good for this kind of thing, which in this case is kind of a shame, as I believe that you could make miracles with a better program (like, for example InkScape - it's free).

There are a small amount of typos - nothing big.

Also, I think the white stripes should be wider when looked upon from behind.

Otherwise, good job on this webcomic. I will add to favourites and follow it.
Again, thanks to Andor for texting.
Thanks to Andor for adding the text, because Illustrator hates me.