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love the last panel, especially the sound effects
its not that he ate anything weird for breakfast its that his breakfast was laced with LSD (no i'm not a druggie but LSD is a mind altering substance that can make you think things)
January 16th, 2007
this page was so cute *dies from cute overload* hehehehehe i should probably go do that essay instead of sitting here waiting for another update
January 16th, 2007
O_0 burned down o_0 i do hope that everything turns out alright for you and your family, and thank you very much for the new comic pages in spite of everything *bows*
i like this page also the hand holding is cute and i love the bunny ears
bwhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha *dies from laughter*
sooo pretty, i love your artwork and the storyline *faves* but the silly flamers are annoying "hurr durr you're so gay, this is gay, hurr durr, i'm a stupid bigot hurr durr"
new dress... oh no this may not end well
soooooo cute... i love Marlin!
this page is adorable... I <3 Bailey and the OMG WTF BBQ (which i actually say sometimes out loud and in public)
i think that bad grammar is cute when you're six, also I love this page "the oatmeal doesn't come off the spoon" cute, overall this comic is cute... anyway keep it up ^.^
me likey *favs*
i like it *favs*
i love it the only that could make this better would be more shirtless cloud