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I just new that Pifo would loose it after staring at the awesomeness that is the Doctor, Kaine and Martin combined!

I really hope his father lets him stay D:
I don't want him to be seperated from Quoque!!!

Ah, the suspense is killing me!!!
my reactions were like "Oh, she's awake... ohohoho she doesn't remember... wait...a ring O_o... omfg :D"

I wasn't mentally prepared for their marriage... yet...
Oh my, Castalia... just amazing :) At least Kane knows now that he has somone by his side to cuddle =3

I love his schocked/stunned expression in the last Panel X'D he just doesn't know what hit him, does eh?
Did she just miss the fact that he complimented her? :D

It could be that she mistook it as a sarcastic comment... ah, do I smell "love-interest" ? uh-hu~

can't wait for the next page *giddy*