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I like to run and procrastinate. Basically I like to do everything to put off doing actutal work.
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Well this page didn't turn out exactly as planned because I messed up inking it. I officially dedicate this page to practicing hands. Now you will probably never see another hand ^_-. I've also been working on peoples positions and not just standing there. Soon I think I'll work on backgrounds.
Finally updated. Well I have a bunch of stuff drawn so things should be regular for a while. Just hopefully there are no more like severe stress attacks. The next page is a little better than this one.
Well I haven't had use of a scanner. Mainly because I'm on my laptop at the moment. I decided to try to draw a picture with a mouse. I think it turned out better than i expected. Well Lets just say she's looking at her hand when she's actually suppose to be waving. Which means good bye for a little until I can acquire the use of the scanner
It's been raining here for the past few days. I wish it would snow a little because I love white Christmas's.
MY WORLD, I own it. I bought it off of ebay the other day.
Well I just realized if forgot a line on her skirt. I don't care that much. The other day I was wearing my sailor moon inspired hair and decided pigtails rock. Her chin is really round, that was an accident. I attempted the sideways face again and I like how hers turned out except for the fact that the hair doesn't really cover all the right places. The profile in the first one is bad because the mouth turned out silly with the slightly turned head. I'm going to shut up now and stop dissing my own art. I'll leave the rest of the flaws up to however decides to read my comic.

One thing I do like about this page is her feet in the second frame. I'm proud of them but that's about it.

Can you tell what's going on in the comic or not? Ask and you will receive answers, as long as it doesn't give too much away.
I don't know why I decided to make this a new chapter. I think it's because it was a big picture. I don't know. There's a new character in the next page then you'll finally get to learn peoples names. I forgot I never even said my main characters name yet. Hm.. What should I name him?

Please comment on anything you think needs commenting. I'm a criticism fiend. I love both good and bad criticism.
I don't get it? O well at least she's not going to kill him.
Yes I know still bad. I didn't even finish the dresser. O well It'll do. I have two more pages drawn, one is already inked. I might have them up today or tomorrow. I have to go shopping now for my mom and dad. Bye
I like bubbles. ^_^
Yeah well this page isn't very good. And it doesn't even have fake wall backgrounds this time. I just noticed this otherwise I would have put them in. Good thing it was my left wrist I fell on. It still hurts but it's alot better than yesterday. Well I'm going to get working on the next page and then bowling with my grandpa.
I would of had a comic up today but I fell on my wrist iceskating. It hurts alot but I think it should be okay by tomarrow. See ya then.
Sorry for lack of updates. Well today I have an excuse, but I'm working on outlining a couple pages now. Breaks almost here, o and I got a laptop for my B-day/ Christmas present. There's no internet connected to it yet and I haven't really been by the scanner. Well Maybe tomarrow.
That poor prince... Yes fairy tales and their unbelieveableness.
Well I'm busy for the next few days because of homework, bowling, finishing Christmas gifts, and other lovely things that come before a break in massive amounts. I drew a picture of my friend sleeping on the bus(in my defence it was a moving bus) which was all the time I have for the next few days. Now off I go.
Nope, it's not just you, the faces are just flat. I've been working on that . . . but I'm really lazy and can't get it right then get angry and leave it as is.
What will happen? Niya finds the prince really hot, knocks him out and locks him in another tower.
Yeah, I'm not sure if I like this page yet. I hate the feet but heh they just weren't working. There are a few other things I hate. It was kind of rushed. I really hate homework. For randomly being somewhere with some strange guy, he seems pretty calm.
kissy scenes give me warm fuzzy feelings, expecially when I should be doing homework.
Monocles... Seriously if more comics had monocles. Favs just for the monocles.