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I am Bobby Johansen, and I am a beginning comic artist. This is my first comic and I hope you enjoy it. Bobby is only my penname. Sometime I plan to study the Czech culture and write history papers. I currently speak English (native), Japanese (little), Czech (very little) and I plan to learn many more languages. Czech, oldies American, and Japanese pop are my main music genres. Whatever the majority of Americans are listening to, I have no clue.
I hope you read my comics.
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    Bobby Johansen
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I'm sorry I didn't comment on the last page, but since I logged in I felt I would comment. Ahem...onto the comment. This is really good so far and I hope you update! No one really uses Rebecca as a significant character, so I was really glad! Furthermore, you've gotten a lot better since the beginning of your first comic! Keep it up. :D
I got the third page done. Hopefully people start rolling in to read~<D
The second page is up! Man...Lucy is a bad bad girl, ain't she? ;D Srry...I put the thumb on the wrong side of the hand...
I am gonna make a few pages at the same time to ensure that this comic will keep going...but I have so many ideas going through my head...One last warning. This is a GL or a comic containing homosexual relations between females. If you don't like, then get the FUCK out. Yeah...I said it. xD
I vote for the ham sandwich
This is an awesome comic...But the handwriting is hard to read. :3
I did not know that I was not logged in. Like I said, this is going in my favorites bin! xD
Um please update soon!!! That was funny.... @x-mei: have a point there! X3
How did you come up with that? That was so cool! And comical! Phrase of the day...xD
That Reminds Me...
This page and the last one reminds me of...
"I've gotta sick obsession.
I'm seein' it in my dreams..." Ke$HA's "Your Love is My Drug"
xD THis is a lovely and comical comic. I love it!
Epic!!! But so adoarable
I nearly cry when Kenny dies...but at the same time its like EPIC FAIL...
This is such a cute comic! Such a shame there is no comments...Love it!!
love the top panel..hehe bed hair...
I had such a late reaction to the previous page...xD
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........ummmmmmm..........cute and awkward at the same time. Why does everything have to be awkward?! gahh!
Da hell?! *sweatdrop*