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And that's it!
Thanks so much for all your support and everything guys. ;w; I'm sorry it had to end like this! >>;;;
Sad Magda. ):
That's it for today, three more tomorrow!
It was supposed to look like clouds reflecting in his eyes in that second panel, but it just ended up looking wierdly digital and out of place. |D;; Oh well~
And now for the next three for today~ Sorry to disappoint everyone, OTL... ;o;
Last page for today, three more tomorrow! owo
Had intended to do the first page of every chapter digital, hence why this is different to the others. owo
Chapter 5
Most people wanted three/one page/s a day, so I'm going for three. owo

Thanks very much for all the kind words. I'm afraid when I say this is going to be the end, I mean it, though. >>;;

Had just finished FFXIII/started playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope when I drew this, hence the rpg theme. XD
Please read!
Since I should probably start with this, Happy New Year everyone!

You're probably wondering what this is about, so I'll cut to the chase: FB:NG will soon be coming to an end.

I'm at university now, and between my various commitments, I barely have time to sleep, let alone keep this comic going. ;w; I'm not going to leave it where it is, though, that'd be cruel. I'm going to take it a little into the next chapter, so that the cut off point will be a bit better.

Now, you're still not going to like it, most likely, but I'm afraid it's the best I can do. >>;;

Also, since you might be curious... (this volume cover will never happen, but you might want to know the results anyhow) The winner for the cover battle was Leo!

Points for anyone who wants it in detail:
Leo: 16.5
Lynette: 15.5
Skye: 15
Tim: 8

So yeah. There are 11 pages still to come (including the chapter cover page, I'd already drawn all this before I decided to call it quits) - I can either submit them all now, one a day, three a day, whatever. What do you guys want? o3o

Oh, and, please don't kill me. 8D;
*shot for page title*
So yes! 8D As it says in the picture (sorry it's so sketchy OTL), I want to know who you guys want to be on the cover for Vol. 2 of FB:NG!

Please choose from Lynette, Leo, Skye or Tim and let me know in the comments! 8D

@i_am_otaku_4_yaoi:D - Some interesting thoughts. ;w; Maybe we'll get to see what goes on in Sara's head some time. owo
@Takyume - XDDDDDDDDDDDD I lol'd at your comment to start with, but I just realised your avatar looks like he could be shouting that to Tim, too, and I died laughing LOLLL. 8'DDDDDD
I'm so sorry! ;___; (And no updates for 1/2 weeks)
I'm so sorry!! ;___; I totally forgot to upload this yesterday, oh man. <img src="">

But yeah! My awful forgetfulness aside, that brings us to the end of chapter 4! 8D There won't be any updates now for a week or two (hopefully just a week) while I catch up with my buffer for chapter 5.

I made a few changes to how I make the pages for chapter 5 - it's just as fast as the pencil pages but I think it looks much better. 8'D I hope you enjoy it! owo

@Takyume - XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *lol'd* Your comments crack me up. 8'D
@i_am_otaku_4_yaoi:D - XD! I wonder what Sara would make of all this. *should probably draw a mini comic sometime LOLLLL* 8DDD OTL, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping to my update schedule since you started reading! ;A; *shot* I promise I'll be better from now on. ;w; *brick'd*
@Cocytus: Yeah! ;___; It's sad... ;A; Go on Magdaaaa~~ 8D
It's a shame Sara can't see how much everyone hates her, LOL! X'DDDD

Sorry there wasn't any page yesterday! ;w;

@Takyume - ohlol. XDDD For a moment I imagined Magda with a chainsaw and bombs there. XDDDDDDD
@i_am_otaku_4_yaoi:D - Thank you so much! 8DD I'm glad you like it!
@Cocytus - Yes! 8D Leo is the blonde Sohma.
Just a heads up, I might not be able to find time to post a page tomorrow. I'll do my best, but otherwise the next update will be on Monday. ;w;

@Takyume: LOL! XD I like how it's a painful shot. XDDD
@Cocytus: Haha! XD I like that idea~ Sara probably needs something like that. 8D
Yeeks, things don't look good for Magda. ;w;

@leepanda: Glad you like him~! XD
@Takyume: Hmmm...I wonder! owo
Tim is not pleased! O<

@Cocytus: Ah! The main character is called Magda, the adopted one. Sorry, what I said was confusing. ;w;
The pages will hopefully get a little neater in the next chapter~ 8'D
Almost done with this one! I need to build my buffer up again...OTL

@Cocytus: Yep, that's her adoptive sister Sara. (The one from the very start of the comic. 8'D) No worries! XD I'm awful with names too, you have no idea how long it took me to remember Yuki's name from the original Furuba...8'DDDD
@Takyume: LOL! XD I think Sara probably needs a lifetime supply of chill pills. XDDD
I don't know if anyone will wonder, but Skye's friend in the middle isn't in a customized uniform, she's just wearing the school jumper. owo

Also! There won't be any updates this weekend. I won't have access to the internet, so next page will be up on Monday~ >w<

@Cocytus: LOL! XD You sound like you'd get on with Lynette!
*doesn't have time to write anything interesting OTL* 8D;;
akjgoieje clicked submit before I wrote this, OTL. 8'D

@Takyume: Really? ;w; Thank you so much! *feels honoured* 8D
In other words, Tim, she wants you to stalk Magda. 8D *brick'd*

I find this kindof funny, espcially since a lot of people thought Tim was a stalker in the first place. XDDD