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I like to draw manga/comics and experiment with different styles.
I often lack the strength to finish my stories although there are so many of them. That's why I want to make at least one of them into an online comic and overcome this problem. ^^
I like almost all kinds of genres and weird plot twists and sarcasm and black humor.
Somehow BL is always sneaking into my stories. x3x

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    Tashina Kalmbach
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I am redrawing the prologue of BTOM and changing some things in the text, to better fit with how I plan to continue the story. Some elements need to be adjusted throughout the comic, I will do that slowly one by one. For now, I updated the first page of the prologue (see link below), and this here is a completely new page. :)
@CarolinaD: thank you, I hope so too ^^
@unknown-phenomenon: he's mad because he got beat at his own game, which he started... he doesn't like to share and doesn't handle rejection well, he's a sore loser ;p
finally done!
sorry for the wait, I was in a real slump, and still am because work is annoying, the weather is hot and stress levels are high...
EDIT 26-03-18: I realized that I forgot the speech bubble!!!
Itztli's inner monologue: What is he watching? is it bad? uh oh he's frowning... should I say something? do I want to stay in one piece?? ヽ(lll゚д゚)ノ
Aaaaand that's a wrap on this scene. :)
just one more page~
Here you go, finally the new page! Sorry for taking so long!

I just want to warn those of you who expect a detailed and nsfw sex scene - it won't be that. I don't want to lead you on, so I'm being honest here. The reason is fairly simple - I do not enjoy drawing porn. I certainly enjoy reading it, but every time I try to draw a penis I cringe and shy away. Sorry about that. I tried it and thought long about drawing something explicit for this scene, but it's just not my thing. I hope you'll still like what I've come up with for the next pages and understand and respect my choice to keep this manga more on the shônen ai side of yaoi.
Thank you.
@Jazmin Zombie: it's just my weird way of drawing him flushed - but I guess he hasn't been sleeping well, too, what with lying awake waiting for Mic to show up, and also priestly duties that probably keep him up half of the night anyway lol xD
The next page is up as a sketch version on my Patreon! :)
OH GOD sorry guys!! I set this up to uupload automatically since I wasn't goung to be able to upload it because I was away, and I don't know why it didn't work! Maybe I forgot to actually upload the picture........ Idk. Pages are uploaded to my Patreon seven days before everywhere else, and automatically made public aftre those seven days, so checking there might be worth it if this happens again.
Enjoy, and sorry again. I hope you had nice holidays!
Yes, definitely.

The next page already?? It must be Christmas!

Have lovely holidays, guys, whatever and if your celebrating, and even if you don't!!
@komae akabane: haha, ja bin ich ^^;
*heavy breathing intensifies*
Spooky greetings from the underworld!
Your new prince of death hopes you have a scary and gruesome holiday, but also that you'll live to see the next day with all your body parts still attached to the right places... ;-)

This month has been very busy, plus the health issues, so I'm very proud to have finished this in time for today! Hope you like it. (The more I look at it the more it feels like a role swap, and I'm itching to draw a human Mic as the fitting counterpart....)

Have a nice Halloween! and stay safe.
@1-otaku-posts: why would you do that aaaaaah
moving slowly, but I just loooooove it torturously slow.... :3
@Naruhina2124: That's one of my favorite details of this page. ^^ Metz is secretely (or maybe not so secretely) in love with Mic's hair. :3
Somehow Mic was a lot easier to draw here than Metz, I still don't really like the last panel... maybe I'll redraw it later.

Mic needs clear words or he will fret.
This whole scene is important to me and some might find it boring or unnecessary, but I'm all about consent in relationships. (I'm also all for sexy intimidation and a bit of sado-masochistic behaviour, but still, only when both sides want it. And yes, Itztli is enjoying every kind of attention Tez gives him... it's a thin line, though, with those two...)