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Fine, I made an account, happy
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link for people who don't like living
your mom
the book was like 8 pages of comic 140 pages of disappointment :'(

***alt text for spoilers***
oh no guys detective dipshit figured it out! delete all the comics!
no no he's ducking out of the way
right i forgot to mention this but we will draw it out in a comic too
and also ask good questions unless you want smarmy asshole responses
so yeah go ahead and ask us stuff
we won't lie (maybe) ;)
and you dont even have to show your ugly mug to do it

some trending topics probably
1. some crap about the tbg forums (who cares)
2. ... you decide!
probably both
he told me he didn't even put up that comic that introduces this version of him so it kinda doesn't make sense to anyone but us
this talkin with punctuation thing is overrated
we were already disbanded, but we were just making it official
we were already disbanded, but we were just making it official
August 12th, 2011
Results announce tomorrow morning :O
Good luck gang. Hopefully the scratch team doesn't see this page
They look like team magma
is that even his digimon
I thought his was in the bowl